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I only want one thing from the game.

1) For EA to not have anything to do with it at all.

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Cool - then I'll absolutely not be playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

It's up to Rockstar.

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Both games are freaking boring and a waste of time and energy.

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Because I don't need to see a game at 4k on my PC. I don't game on a 70" monitor.

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No it's not. I play Doom routinely at max settings 144fps. No loss in graphics quality at all. Sorry console peasant.

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Way over 60fps dude... way over.

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He can claim he's not worried all day, but he's worried or else he wouldn't have said anything.

He knows SpiderMan is going to trounce his game in sales. Despite one being console exclusive and the other on everything.

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I wish we as a community could remove this site from our feed. Just ad-click nonsense on mobile. Awful website.

Even a unique individual blacklist option would be a blessing to not see anything in our own feeds from select sites.

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Nope, Bethesda will simply learn that not releasing to steam causes your PC sales to plummet.

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There will be a Venom suit ... this much MUST be true.

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And sold more than every xbox one title.

Seems cut and dry.
Seems crystal clear.
Seems ... obvious.

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They did fine. Showed some amazing gameplay. Sure it would have been nice to see a few other games - but they have other shows this year, including PSX.

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Can't read the article because I use adblock. Oh well - probably trash content anyway.

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Don't be so butthurt. They aren't talking about pure resolution. Calm your fanboy pants.

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It's just a social justice development team trying to act high and mighty. If emotional feelings of spineless cowards are that important, they can implement a language filter into the game itself.


Incorrect. It's people like YOU that are the problem with online gaming. You are probably the type of person that immediately turns off any language filters so you can read all those cuss words and then complain about them.

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I paid $40 by purchasing through Amazon Prime.

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If you look at her instagram .... she could do all of that and then some.

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I'm confused by your statement. There is still a grind, they say you can do random battles right away...

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The moment a game feels like a job (Destiny) - I quit. I already have a job - I play games for fun, not to be forced to spend countless hours doing meaningless tasks for the sake of "keeping up" while also having chunks of the game cut out and sold to me years later.

Hell, Destiny 2 has cut content from the first game in it. It's a joke.

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Oh cool, one of those sites that spread out minimal content across 10 or so clicks. Save yourselves time, N4G, don't click the link.

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