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he also said that u get a bubble down

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future of what?! i think u was meaning the "future" console in ur home

ps. lol at this adjustments...

xOne gpu do 1.32 tf not in the article
ps4 gpu do 1.84 tf not 1.85 as in the article

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in what part of my comment i was trollin sorry?

isnt infamous one of the biggest sony exclusives?
you not think that the game will be ok!?!?!? or that infamous in opposite of what i a low profile game?!

the insecurity is strong in you guys....

and why i should i change my profile pic!? If u like me this much in me...u can find me easily on youtube or the entire web..if u know how to search

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time?! ps vita came out in are in 2014...and still selling like alaska
i think that ps vita is the biggest sony fail in year..sorry ..and really they have to stop the producion to keep the losses down

no one want to spend houndred play ps4 games during the bathroom time....pls in fact sales are answering themself

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na it cost too much to produce...isnt profitable at all and will never be..

it lost the train

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great news

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project spark is the most interesting thing on both 2 platfroms

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ok megaton dropped

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i tried to be good with dat comment..but if u put it in this way..well..

ill tell u in this way...if ill see 100 titles on the new ps4 before 2014 end..ill delete my account..and ill let u live in ur happy n4g sony lover life

its not going to happen ..

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infamous will be ok like all the others of the serie..
dont forget taht is one of the biggest sony exclusive...
isnt a low profile game...

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oh cmon...100........

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as every gen ill buy both ms and sony console so dont have to switch

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..oh again...developer need to take confidence with the hardware

""If you're only doing a read you're capped at 109GB/s, if you're only doing a write you're capped at 109GB/s," he says. "To get over that you need to have a mix of the reads and the writes but when you are going to look at the things that are typically in the ESRAM"

"The question is just to what extent channelling resources through the relatively ti...

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tomorrow sony fanboys will love him again when he will troll ms....

the media are fucked up ..

anyway right is just lacking at exclusives

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so is a turd ? eh..

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ill try to explan what i was saying better...

i think that both console are clearly made to handle 1080p (if u imagine the ps3 that could run games in 1080p had around 300gflops ..the xb1 have 1320 gflops/1.32tf)...the real point of the discussion..with what type of assets? with how many polygons around!??!..with what type of lightin?!..etc etc....

the poing is JUST and only THIS..

that said.....theres a fact: devs having problem on HOW to us...

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"Now it seems like everything has reversed but it doesn’t mean it’s far less powerful"

“Definitely, yeah. They are releasing a new SDK that’s much faster and we will be comfortably running at 1080p on Xbox One. We were worried six months ago and we are not anymore, it’s got better and they are quite comparable machines. The Xbox One is a bit more multimedia, a bit more hub-centric so its a bit more complex. There’s stuff you can and can’t do because it’s a sort of m...

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no ..they shouldnt unbundle kinect...they should just cut the price sell in loss for some years ..till the components become cheapers...

they did a mistake from the start...but unbundle kinect isnt the right move..for sure

sony with the ps3 sold in loss for 5 or 6 years....i dont think ms have money problem to do it too ;)

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deep down delayed so it will come down the summer......the order 1886 confirmed q4 so after the summer ....driveclub delayed to june (maybe redeleyade to a summer holiday title) ...lily bergamo is little title...planetside isnt a sony exclusive ..i played it already on a microsoft windows pc...and unistalled it quickly freakin full of aimbotter..etc etc etc...

the only hope right now are all in infamous...but i dont think as a game it can carry an entire lea...

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good coz we r really tired to see indie games...and knack

put ur aaa title the time..

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