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It's a shame they never properly finished the PS3.
The console was supposed to have a dedicated GPU that Nvidia started working on but they lacked time and some disagreements led to cancellation. Microsoft launching a year ahead meant they had to rush. Instead they used Cell to act as both a CPU and a GPU, probably why it was hard to develop for. Also the PS3 only uses 6 out of the 8 cores for computation. a seventh is use for the system and the eight is disabled.

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This console only needed a GTA game to become popular. Shame Sony didn't do what they needed to do
I remember playing VCS on PSP, that was so great.

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Never played it cause the combat system is boring

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Powerhouse ?
I don't see how their situation changed from the XBO.

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Actually Sony doesn't care if PS4 sells 110 million or 160 million.
All they care about is the fact that they earned more money from it than PS1 + PS2 + PSP combined.

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They need to get a life.

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So fragile.

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Can these publications stop pretending they're over console wars and console wars are beneath them??
They literally THRIVE off them! They're the ones keeping it alive.

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Yeah I do believe that the vast majority of the Switch target demographics doesn't know what Steam is. Unlike the majority of PS5 and Xbox gamers who know it.

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Lmao the PS brand is too big to stay tied to E3. Also a reason why Nintendo doesn't need them. Xbox on the other hand is the smaller one out of the 3.

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Imagine doubting Arkane. They're one of the most consistent studio out here.

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Lmao this is sarcasm y'all, calm down

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And who said it was amazing??? lmao

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Because they're the beloved white lamb. The media will never tear them apart even if they started selling the same games for $100.

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Read the article next time.

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Look at Housemarque. Sony has been nurturing them since PS3 days, to the point that they now were able to make their first real AAA game with Returnal. And it was a critical hit. Sony might give them another opportunity then purchase them if they're okay with it.
MS execs just look at a list of studios with their price and randomly decide they're going to buy them.

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After many years, we got used to long loading times.
I still cringe when I see GTA V taking several minutes to load on PS4.

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Thanks to the outdated hardware but if they ever wanted to make a powerful console one day, it'd be sold at a loss.

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I was today years old when I learned that N4G stood for News4Gamers

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Stadia is going to be shut down eventually hun

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