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"And sorry for the Spoiler."

Fucking idiot. I've only just started playing.

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If you self build perhaps, but even then, £1200 is where you will actually see a definitive leap in quality of experience IMHO. If you buy pre built (from a reputable company with guaranteed after market customer service) then that can easily jump another 10-15%.

And I think you are being a little disingenuous TBH. Changing out hardware "like Lego" is irrelevant, if the [your] quoted lower price of entry requires a build from the g...

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I agreed with him because he made an objective observation. The author is either being an utterly disingenuous click baiter, or is simply a facile twat.

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I do take your point that h doesn't need to be so rude.

The problem is, as mentioned by a user in the comments below the article, you can't hammer a decent game simply because it doesn't "mix it up". A good game is a good game. By his logic, if you start prioritising novelty value in your review reasoning, then you'll be giving every game a 4/10.

It's nonsensical and obviously subjective.

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Although I totally agree with your sentiment about this guy, unfortunately you have to allow him to review the game, even though he doesn't appear to possess an IQ adequate enough to appreciate it.

Reviews like his are our only reliable indicator that critique is not being indirectly influenced by publishers.

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If all pilots, it would have made it:

a) mayhem
b) a lagfest
c) possibly created performance issues.

The bots and minions keep performance up, rage quitting down and enough thinking room to play strategically. There's never a right time to Titan, if there's 10 more on map.

I picked this game up late. It looks fantastic on pc, but there just doesn't seem to be enough people in the playlists. I think I would go for P...

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If you're not looking for a Fallout 4 grindfest, this game has got it just about right for my taste.

I'll get this out of the way first though....the cover system IS at times clingy. It's not awful, but it's not perfect. With that said, the design is excellent. Choosing your next point of cover feels like a real choice and not at all like you're simply skipping from one box to another. You sometimes find it's not perfect cover and you've ended up s...

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Good review, thanks. :)

I really like the look of this game. Do you think it will hold up on an R9 380 Nitro, 4GB?

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Been away for quite a while. When did these extra bubbles come to pass?

Much better. :oD

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"just hopped on the PC version to see how it was doing community wise. 1248 players world wide, 748 in attrition. while it is easy to find a game, the community is a small number of hardcores."

True, which is probably why the matchmaking is so hit and miss. When I first started playing it was the free weekend, which would have meant a much large body of players to match make connection with. Now you always seem to get a couple of 200ms players on each team, with eve...

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Ive always been a Playstation guy and was really gutted that this wasn't on PS4. Anyway, I recently got a new PC (4690k / R9 380 4GB) and all can say is this game rocks. And to think it only cost £9-95 for the premium edition.

It runs amazingly with everything maxed and 8 x MSAA, so I don't think I'll be getting the sequel on PS4 when I'm already using my DS4 to play it on PC! I Iove my ps4, but it looks just too good on PC to go back.


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Lol. Very good! Bubble up.

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I agree. Personally, The Last of Us is without doubt the best game I've ever played. The balance beween scavenging and crafting, and the frequency of items left for you within the environment (bottles, bricks etc.) was very good. But I did feel weapon upgrade tables to be pretty uninspiring. Probably (as you say) because they were so few and far between.

UC4 can't come soon enough for me.

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Does anybody actually check these articles before approving them? Jeez.

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Still, at least you're alright.....

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"It is quite unfortunate that AMD's GPU driver support is lacking in the necessary and consistent support needed to uphold high visual fidelity at ultra resolutions.

Better? "

Yes, much better thank you.

But you've already shown your hand, by talking about "sucking ass" rather than discussing the new, and unequivocally innovative hardware that is about to be made available.

Excuse me if I take a ra...

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There's always one, so congratulations. Now can we discuss it like adults?

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