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Microsoft will NOT remove those games from other platforms - they want to MAKE money not LOSE money. Those games bring in an incredible amount of money, why would you lock out that user base just out of spite? They are going to boost the XBOX/gaming division financials 10 fold with this.

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I wonder how much interest they made in the short amount of time that the broken product was sold...

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How many Terraflops is that?

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Or it is because he works for Microsoft - If he was working for Sony you would have your pom poms out.

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Apple and Microsoft apparently should hire you, NOW. You know the business apparently, know what will make money, know what will work for both companies - your hired. Quit your paper route - big things are in your future.

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And if you are playing one of the few single player only games, and your friend sends you a request to play a multi-player game???

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seems like 1080p versus 4k when sitting more than 5-6 feet away after the age of 30 something........

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For $15 a month I think game pass ultimate is far better value - xbox live, gamepass with over a hundred games, always changing catalog and EA's gamepass - that's an absolute steal.

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It's fine - It will hide all of the flashing lights on my router.

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This is perfect for me. I pay the $15 a month now for Ultimate game pass so, I cancel that, pay $20 more a month and I get the system, gamepass, gold and EA Play - all without having to drop $499 + tax right off the bat for the system so now I can grab another controller and a game without blinking. Perfect. I would be keeping the gamepass for the next 2 years anyway so it's a great deal for me.

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ahhh, the good old days, force feedback..........

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Yeah but don't most of the patches overlay what is already there so an individual patch of 5 gig really translates to potentially a few meg or slightly larger because they have to replace the whole module in order to fix a few small bugs within the module?

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"this looks like something 2 guys developed in their basement as a proof of concept" wow - I wonder how good of a game 4 guys in that basement could make. Can we see your 'one' guy proof of concept that you are working on?

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Semi sold just for fable but GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I wanted to see a Mech. Halo was a little strange though - I appreciate the old school halo graphics for some reason but, I really thought they would bring bling bling and not just grappling hook gadgets. Oh well, I will probably get the system anyway even though I rarely play now - once a beta tester always a beta tester I guess. Have always owned an xbox.

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And it will be available day one on game pass - Winner!!

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All of Ultimate Play The Game, Games.

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Define "regular basis" - it seems that it is taking longer and longer for a studio just to produce one game let alone multiple games on a regular basis.

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It is because Nintendo games are coded correctly for the limited space that the system(s) can handle. This is not something new, I said it a long time ago when blueray first came out - "Bring on the lazy devs" - you give someone more space than they need and they will pack it full with garbage - devs are like hoarders, they see space and just use it - forget compressing the heck out of stuff like they used to - just make it raw so they can say 'look how fast it runs'

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@spicyram I guess our skulls could be normal and some are just 'thinner' ??.

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"It looks last gen" - SO ??? it just got a 7/10 review - look past the graphics and look at the game.

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