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If done correctly I believe that innovative controllers enhance gaming for the better. There are plenty of good and bad examples of how to you that innovation properly through successful AAA titles down to poor rushed titles. It really depends on where the developers heart is.

I would say that Nintendo usually gets it correct with control innovations because they usually force them as a standard out of the box. Others that usually borrow from Nintendo make them just an option...

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I usually don't play the whole wait and see game, but around this time it would be wise to wait for some of the after Christmas sales. Also to see if software numbers pick up once a lot of the presents are opened. As you mentioned I am willing to bet that a lot of Nintendo's are waiting under a tree. If not than maybe that's just not their thing over there. It happens.

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Yea I miss those days. I have more respect for Nintendo and SEGA than any other company that makes games. I wish SEGA still made consoles. Now Nintendo is the last company that focuses exclusively on gaming. If SEGA was still in the console war we would have two, and a great rivalry.

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From the article.
"The big thing we noticed, however, is that there are no Wii U games in the top 40 apart from Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (multiformat, and 14th) and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (also multiformat, in 26th). Even New Super Mario Bros. U falls outside of the top 40, with both New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D Land ahead of it!"

To be fair I don't think enough Wii Us have been sold in that territory to compete wit...

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Absolutely. I am looking forward to seeing how Mario and company top that game. I had more fun with this one than the most recent Mario Kart, which is a surprise.

But then again, it was made by SEGA. Nintendos true rival in the gaming world. They are known to go back and forth a lot.

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I agree with this article. I have had some of the greatest gaming experiences with games that bring poor graphical standards to the table.

A few note worthy examples would be Sonic All Star Racing Transformed, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Outfit, and Dead Island. All games with pretty poor graphics in my opinion that crush many a game with pure gameplay and fun.

I just got done randomly leveling up in Final Fantasy 7 just before writing this. A game that in toda...

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Just as last time with the first, I believe that Bayonetta 2 will keep it's title as hack N slash champion in my opinion.

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My first sentence was "The controller is not a cop out for developers" so I don't know where you are getting all of this from. I was just speaking of the responses of our N4G citizens that some people do not appreciate the tablet controller and would like other options.

Just as the original Wii before the U, there was also a classic controller pro. This is no different, offering the same formula of choice from before.

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The Wii U is a fantastic system, but if any rumors are true it will not be on the same level as later released consoles graphically. Nintendo seems to have gone for a more unique approach with the touch screen and MiiVerse stuff. Hopefully Japan catches on with the Wii U so there could be some jrpg support somewhere down the line.

I just got done playing Crysis 2 on PC and the Wii U wont be able to produce visuals on that type of level. Though it will likely make up for the l...

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I have not played one of these games in ages. Even though nothing really scares me besides bats. I could not finish this game.

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There seems to be an above average amount of Nintendo dislike on this site. There is nothing wrong with the tablet controller. It has been fun so far.

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The controller is not a cop out for developers. It is a necessary evil that was designed to give fans of a more traditional gaming experience what they want. Judging from the responses from this site alone, there are many a gamer in the wild that do not appreciate the tablet controller for various reasons.

Some just like things simple.

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Batman Arkham City on all platforms should have received higher scores and acclaim.

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Those were some really good points. Though I am also a PC gamer with a decently high quality gaming rig. I honestly believe that any PC gamer or someone that wants a PC gaming experience should just build a gaming PC. There are far too many console releases just over the hill, and one already out in stores.

Too many consoles will probably force one of the players out of the game early, and I believe that casualty will be the Steam Box.

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Microsoft seems to have an itchy trigger finger on the Ban Hammer these days. It's a good thing I have failed to download those so far.

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It will take much more than Free-to-play titles to bring the Playstation name to number one again.

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I personally believe that the "Steam Box" is a major mistake. I don't see many people purchasing this unknown relic over the other big name platforms.

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