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had a zx spectrum......definitely a senior gamer

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Lol. The ptsd on some of these die hard spencer shillers borders from humorous to bat es crazy. You should be paid to be this staunch in the shielding of xbox and their execs but it seems, like many others, this cap is pro bono. The bigger picture is it seems spencer has to double down on parity because the ratio of the 2 sku's heavily favour the weaker in regards to sold units. Maybe it would be suicidal to shun said fanbase but it is definitely a kick in the teeth for the buyers wh...

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comparing sales to players is a false equivalence. A free game should and would usually outnumber a sold game. That 50 percent of whatabouti--- sorry, tallnecks is still 100 percent sales and would generate exponentially way more revenue thus heightening the prospects of a sequel. The game is dope though but people will soon see the advantages of hard sales vs players on a sub. The lack of marketing due to the shadow drop was both a gift and a curse.

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get paid bro... capn for free is old school. Removing features is just as annoying as removing featues from mobiles, cars, consoles..... Your miopic stance is just that. Others care. This discussion isnt for you as youre not affected nor is anyone around ya so shout out to you. Outside of that bubble there are people who want what was always there before and lets not act like its just a sigle ommision here but yeah rambo, fight the fight lol. Shout out to your 3 kids though, same as me...

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leave the casuals behind. The x owners paid a premium to play the best. They're getting shafted. Major c@ck up by MS trying to be to complicated and slick and now they've backed themselves into a corner due to the fact the series s has outsold the series x. MS aint tryna piss off their majority fanbase. As major Kusanagi said '' overspecialize and you breed in weakness''

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the split screen omission isn't the only problem. The fact the x is being held back by the inadequacies of the s is noteworthy to many looking at the bigger picture, especially the x owners. The omission of a promised feature just highlights a problem

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Do you have kids???........ that's an adult angle you clearly didn't think of outside of cappn for the 'the worlds most powerful console' brand. Hope MS be paying you what they owe for your 365 dedication.

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ad hominem bended with a dash of hope n cope

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the place to play

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1 company already has............

Not saying any names

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comprehension fail spotted

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and fuel

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they committed mindshare suicide in the last 3rd of the 360 era despite the rrod. The correlation with their decline was clearly exclusive content and the lack of quality, frequency and variety. They failed to address these issues and thought they could pivot away from what makes a quality console and legacy brand. The die hard deflectors emboldened xbox's lack of effort and foresight. They have made over a decades worth of excuses and and swerves for the management and output but dem...

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winning meant something .........until you're loosing

I dont rate vg chartz but I would suspect the gappage is larger

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Choices Choices. The wonderful burden of Choices

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Europeans too

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loved p5r. What an absolute diamond of a game. I lived in the world

Ill also be buying FF16. The demo really did wonders for its uptake. Cleaver cleaver marketing

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I can't

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