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"CALL ME A FANATIC OR wahtever you want guys... but I have a feeling that every PS3 exclusive released this year would get an injustified low score just to keep the 360 alive this year with the lack of great exclusives for the green console. Be prepared to see Gears 3 and the multiplat get high scores and being called genre defining by the media and in the other side the PS3 exclusives bashed... im not neurotic or anything. Thats what we the early PS3 adopters had experienced the last 4 ...

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Sony don't advertise about other OS, if i miss somthing?

Give some proof than?

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Yes, they must go to hell with ignorant

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"t’s heartbreaking that Guerrilla Games couldn’t deliver a worthwhile single player experience with Killzone 3"

i think a 8.5 mebay lower at some point.

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It's so a shame that the most reviewsers are so basic.
They hide from the bitter true FPS genres.

But that's what happened if IGN/Gamestop and Joystiq so basic and that most of they other reviewers follow the trend.

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Fock off troll

(03 Feb 2011 (58m ago)

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Stop with your wannebe answer.

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03 Feb 2011 (49m ago)

How much accounts do you have for trolling?

"OK MODS? this guy go in two articles that i see and he say FLOP"

The most of the mods here at N4G are 360 lovers.

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He did, but fanboy like you don't like that.

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They may explain why Mass effect get hicher score?

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I get reported by 360 fantards.
Well, they are sure over react like allways when i tell the true that Killzone 3 looks far better than Mass effect 2.

OT:, another basic review.

Kon, why are you stealth trolling?
I know you are one of them reporterd me for trolling silly little kid.

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"Halo Reach is 9.5 on gamespot

Finally it looks like KZ3 is nothing really as good as Reach.

Apparently KZ3 is less good than KZ2 too"

What about..................360 oriented based review? that's is what happing right now.

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Why not 10/10? why just 9.5 or 9.8? Killzone 3 is just miles agead of all FPS genres qua grafichs,story,Ligting,physich s and the visuals.

"Wow man, learn to spell first"

Hahaha, not for you 360 fantard boy!!!
Play with Halo and be nice :)

WOW, you are trolling all over the place about Killzone 3 reviews and talk like a kid.

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And they give mass effetc 2 a 5/5 , what a bullsh!t review.
I told you guys, Killzone will be bumped down becouse it's exclusive game.

"ME2 sucks balls i swear it it the worst game this gen next to GTA4 which got 10 as well"

Yes, Mass effect sucks hard, Killzone 3 beat just all those multiplat crap and yet they bumped down the score from Killzone 3.

Mark my words, Killzone 3 reviews will be innfluence by IGN for the most...

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Go to hell IGN and with there 8.5, most other site will follow IGN standpoint.

I told you guys, Even a year old mass effect 2 get a hicher score than a epic game like Killzone 3.

PS3 sxlusive is always bumped down by those freaking reviewers like IGN.

Look at those mass effect lover hitting the disagree :)
Check my post in hystory and you can see that i told that Killzone 3 review will get bumped down and even mass effect 2 get hich...

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LOL multiplat vs multiplat and Unreal engine :)

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He don't mention the PS3 only 360 hey complain about it.
Consoles don't have also to do with with differend consoles but also more 360's and that's write console's. (more 360's)

PS3 games beat all the crap out of multiplat, even PC games get compareed with PS3 eclusive game, so if you trying to spinning some facts, do better je home work next time becouse you fail hard.

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I agree, but if you can see, Killzone 3 is allot more of happining around, and the explosion of Killzone looks more real compared with Rage.

In other words, my opinion Killozne 3 beat Rage in all fronts, grafichs.visuals and ligthing.

I my god look that atmosphere from Killzone 3, beat easy that from Rage.

Both Games are great, PS3 is just the ame in grafichs, if not better, the only thing what PC has advance is the framerate and the resolution ...

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Typical PC boy, dude are you lost..............I know you are angry PC fanboy when killzone 3 beat Crysis 1 and 2.

I wanna just see your muck when Killzone 3 beat your beloved Crysis :)

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Well, EA plsy save.

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