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You got 11 AGREES and only 2 DISAGREES with your really pretty poor, pathetic and incredibly stupid bash-comment, and you honestly say this site is full of xbots ? Lololol, somethings really wrong in your head, maybe go and visit a shrink ? But it seems to be too late already...

@moron above ^^

Hahahaha, you really think this an actual ingame screenshot ? ! He could be right ! Then again....Sony would never ever render screenshots ! N...

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Looks like a Sony troll wanna start a flame war.

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I think the writer oversaw something essential:

It is not that Fanboys defend their consoles, they defend their action that it was the right choice they BOUGHT a PS3/360/Wii ! They don't wanna be the "losers". Childish yes, but simple to explain.

Anf HELL YES you'd witness grandmas fighting over her washers and dryers if grandman 1 or 2 starts the war with saying: "Meh, you did a bad choice missy !".

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Yeah, better rest it, cause you have no SINGLE idea what you are talking about. That makes you look so plain stupid, it is embarassing for you and everybody who reads your bs.

I suggest you to actually try to play a game. Buy a NES off ebay and step your videogeame experience up. Next-Gen consoles are too much to handle for you right now.

Being a 14 year old acne gangster hiding behind his desktop pc and try to insult grown ups with nothing but stupidity doesn't ...

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Btw: I began with a C64, you are the noob for talking so much bs !

This only shows how blind you are and how stupid your whole "argumentation" is.

You can't think of any game.....?

I name one for you:

Assassin's Creed

Now get outta my way goddamn Sonyboy, you are making me sick !

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I don't care for any of the opinions here, especially not for the haters.
I played through Mass Effect, just finshed it 2 days ago and it was amazing. Despite all the negative parts (of course there are some, did you ever play a perfect game ? Jesus....) it was an absolutely high entertaining, long running experience and i can't wait for the sequel !

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Uhm, is this a reply to my post ?

If yes:

1. Then it makes no sense at all.
2. I played GoW 1 on my PS2 with a passion
3. You are a retard for having fun to bash

If no:

Sorry and good night, sir !

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How can a street date announcement of a PS3 game be the reason for a huge flame war ?
This site is so full of sh*t (yes, that means Fanboys), time to move on and look for a better, more reliable source of gaming news (yes, i mean real "news", not the 80% of bs posted here). You fanboys ruin the fun about every game announcement, news, etc. Sad....

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This site is dominated by Sonyboys, it is too obvious. On the other hand, i hate "arguing" with fanboys too, so, it doesn't really matter at all...

So, a game is supposed to be better on the PS3. Ok, no big deal, but Burnout Paradise ? Pardon me ? Burnout who, Burnout what ? I had one Burnout game for my PS2 and immediately sold it the other day. What a waste of money. An absolutely boring game.

BTW: I hate those guys posting "Lead platform this, ...

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What a misleading title for this "news".

I expected some gameplay ! This is frustrating and disappointing to the fullest. Change the godamn title !

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....god, no !!!!!!!!!

Pretty please ?


They should have noticed by now, that after COD3 (and the O.K. sales) they hit rockbottom. Just look at the overwhelming success of COD4 !!!
Treyarch, do you realize that gamers are fed up with WWII shooters ?
Do you ?

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OMG, are you for real ? Sony should have kept this exclusive ?

Open your eyes, it was Rockstar's decision ! Why ? Pretty simple, cause they know their GTA franchise is a multi million selling product (15+ mio copies, you could probably add some millions more after all that hype around this game). So with only 6 or 7 mio PS3s, they could have sold about what ? 4-5 mio games ? With the addition of the 13 mio Xbox 360s out there, they can sell how many games ? Exactly, 20 mio cons...

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Is it just me or does it really look like Ryu got a boner in the screenshot ?


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It is called acne. Everyone has to bear one's burden.... ;)

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That's why GTA got delayed for some loooong time (no street date mentioned YET !).

It is all about polishing the game ! If you had given Bioware another month or 2, the game would run smoothly.

GTA IV will run absolutely bug/glitches-free, no doubt about that, especially after the Assassin's Creed disaster and the Mass Effect bugs. I bet Rockstar is putting (even now) some extra effort into their work !
They can't risk a flop (technically and gameplay), it...

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Are those the screenshots off the Dreamcast version ?

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Speaking of console limitations:

So with all the AC bugs on the PS3, that means the console is on its limit ?

Pardon me ?

It is all about polishing, trust me !

ME uses 6,79 gigs on the DVD DL (8,5 gigs capacity), it is not nearly filled (please, don't bring up the notorious "Oh boy, with Blu ray, everything would have gone better"-topic, that's pointless) !

Bioware just should have held the game back for anot...

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...not funny

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No way, i would buy me a PS3 just for ONE SINGLE GAME !!!

We are not in the 90ies anymore, where you could easily afford a SNES or PS1 just for one game like "Ridge Racer" or "Streefighter 2", "Mario", whatever.

This "MGS4 producer" lives in a world, called Utopia, where i never been nor will ever be in the future. Sorry...

To the guy above:

You totally missed the point buddy. Save your breathe, ri...

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I got Shenmue 2 (Xbox) for my 360 and it runs smooth like a mother....... !

I loved every minute out of this game.

Isn't Shenmue 3 already announced for the Xbo 360 ?

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