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I'm having lots of fun with this game right now.
My only issue is the rather unfair matchmaking on Light Tanks.

My level 4 light keeps getting placed in battles with level 8 heavies. A light 4 against a medium 4 is hard enough. Against a level 8 heavy I may as well fire insults at them for all the good the gun does.

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It hasn't?
Wow that sucks.

War Thunder is good fun.

Maybe it's because it's made in Russia and they are now back to being the bad guys again. /s

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Looks like a Cyborg Batman.

It will probably turn out to be a partial clone of Bruce Wayne with Lexcorp tech added.

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A Virtual Reality rollercoaster tycoon could be a big hit on the PS4.

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Now that's interesting. We could have a real Tron game.

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I think if they can do last gen graphics on PS4 at 60 fps in VR then that will be enough for me.

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I wonder what the specs of the box are?

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You turn into Blanka if you use it for too long.

(SF movie references FTW)

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This ^, This ^ and only THIS ^

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It's not unexpected.

I said 6 months ago that the time to buy an XB1 will be around E3 when they announce their huge price drop.

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It was the Speccy 48k

Although I'm sure my rose tinted nostalgia glasses remember it with 8 colours.

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Treasure Island Dizzy says Hi.

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Are arabic gamers even allowed to play this game? /s

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This could be a game changer, and possibly a knock out blow.

The big question is: What game will they be using to show it off? (I'll keep my fingers crossed for an X-Wing vs TIE figher remake)

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Fus Ro Dah!

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At least its not laps.

I remember GT on the PS1. 60 lap races.
The trick was to get a 1000bhp skyline and put a book on the accelerator. Then the car would bounce off every wall on the track but still get round in 1st place.
Then come back 2 hours later and claim your prize car.

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That did look rather nice.

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Power of the cloud. Power of the Cloud.

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Give it a try. I normally find JRPGs to be tedious, filled with sexually ambiguous heroes and with a story that could have been written by 100 chimps.

But South Park just works. Thinks of it more as an interactive episode of the show rather than a game.

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At this stage I think MS would prefer we call it the XBone rather than calling it the XBox720.

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