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I liked it and feel that its one of the best games that has been offered on PS+ for the PS4.
The gameplay was nice and smooth, the 60fps really works.

But why can't Capcom write a story?
The entire story is this: Evil three headed dragon man from space who likes robot security builds a city where everything looks nice and tidy. Then a metrosexual ninja in a onesie goes to kill him with a cool plasma sword. The End.

After completing it al...

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Son of God mode!

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I liked the WW1 sections of The Darkness.

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My only issue with the DS4 is that sometimes I have to reposition my left thumb as it does tend to slip a little.

But other than that I really like the DS4.
The buttons seem so quick to respond, I'm sure I must have been clocking up 6-7 slashes per second while playing Strider over the weekend. Anyone who says 60fps doesn't matter should play Strider. The DS4 & 60fps made Strider Hiryus movements feel almost telepathic.

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A third person Monkey Island made by Naughty Dog would be kind of cool.

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I always thought this would happen.
So I've stayed away from everything TLOU related.
I know nothing about it other than people say it's rather good.

I've also never played a single God of War game. My next prediction is that they'll all get remastered for the PS4. Then i'll finally play it.

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Bring it on sucker,
'this my kind of shit.

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Well said.

And at no point do you feel like your on a par with the enemies. You are either able to swat them away like a fly or they are able to one hit you to death. There seems to be nothing in the middle.

The only way to progress at some points is to find glitchy angles where the enemies can't one hit you.

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The weird issue I'm having is that any game that scores 6-7.5/10 seems destined to appear on either GWG or PS+. So its stopped me buying games that I may have picked up during a slow month.

I've got so many PS+ and GWG games that I haven't got round to playing that its stopped me from buying games.

Not that I'm complaining but I wonder how the business model works.

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I bought a PS4 simply because I was so pissed at MS and their lack of concern for the people that made Xbox what it was. i.e. Gamers.

But after 8 months of what I would reasonably call Meh with my PS4. (with the exception of Trine 2)
I would be all over a Bone if they show me some Gears 4.

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Do you really think this will stop them? It's their brains that are the issue.

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Witcher and Batman showed people what they were expecting to see.

No Mans Sky was unexpected and made people sit up and say "Hmmm"

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Oh dear God

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30fps gives me motion sickness.
60fps does not.

I would love to be one of these people whose brain and eyes work so slow that 30fps is fine for them because then I wouldn't feel ill after an hours gaming.

Why is this stupid question still being asked. It has been put to bed so many times, 60 is always better than 30. 900p cannot ruin a good game but 30fps certainly can.

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No Paki-Bash on the Amiga?

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They take less skill, but they do take more planning and teamwork.

I love games like R6 and Gears where planning always wins over skills.
But saying that you prefer the games because of the ease of which you can kill opponents makes you sound a bit noobish.

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Seriously dude!?

Your rant reads like someone who team kills when they can't get the rocket launcher as only they are awesome enough to wield it.
Or rage quits because he can't circle strafe.

I'm glad I won't have you on my side in either Destiny or Halo 5.

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It's tough audience tonight.

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That's quite a jump from £39.99.

It better contain a season pass.

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Bubble up.

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