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Customizable background colours are more important to you than MP3 and Video Streaming?

Da-phuq? You must really hate blue.

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Video streaming is the MOST used feature on my 360. Its the sole reason my 360 gets used 5x as much as my PS4.

I'd much rather use my PS4 for everything.

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4 Campaigns is it not?

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And all at 60fps!

Will there be a MCE XB1 bundle?

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But to be fair. If you only ever played level 1 of Halo CE then what would you think of it?

A cramped corridor shooter, just like every other FPS?

It was level 2 that made you get the goosebumps.

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The only people who I feel should be qualified to comment on which is better are those who were there on launch day for Halo 1 on the Xbox.

That feeling of "holly shit" this is what next gen is like. Destiny has yet to do that for me. But it might once the full game arrives.

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Any game with Bat Mite, Bat Cow and Booster Gold is made for the fans.

Well done TT games for making me feel like a kid again.

This game is my number 1 most wanted of 2014. Suck on that Destiny (although I do want Destiny too)

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I've had many cases where I've killed a guy with my gun then I've died from his melee. Its as if once his melee animation starts it still counts even if he is killed in the process.

But then this is why there is a Beta.

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They should have separate playlists for people with mics and those without.

So if you join one with mics and hear naughty words then you only have yourself to blame.

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Is a beautiful 25 degree sunny day here, and I'm sitting in work thinking about going home and playing the Destiny Beta.

So yeah, its had a positive impact on me.

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It's well known that lush beards would cause the Xbox versions frame rate to drop to 15fps.

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But it is a more constant 30fps.

I don't get a headache as quick from Destiny as I have from Halo.

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What spider thing?

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I've noticed that a lot with the PS4. The place is virtually silent.

I kind of miss the Xbox live background noise.
The kid that's up too late getting told off.
The guy playing his mobile ringtone down the mic.
The racist guy who thinks he's funny.
The guy asking about basic controls
The guy pretending his connection is lagging every time he dies.

I have yet to encounter a single person in Destiny with a mic...

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I didn't even know there were golden chests.
I think I've only ever seen green ones.

I want that "OMG I found a gold chest!" moment.

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It does look generic but it feels very much like Halo crossed with Mass Effect 3 MP.

I was like meh, meh, meh, hmmm, oh, nice, wow, yeah, more , more, more!

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I'm so happy people will now admit that 60fps is the best.

But I hear that LTOU is censored in the EU.
Will a US version work on my EU PS4?
I refuse to give in to censorship.

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I'm at work until 6pm so I'm quite happy that I'll be getting to play it about the same time as everyone else.

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Its the main reason the 360 is still my default console.

When I first got my PS4 I was thinking it was me that couldn't find the setting. I spend a while searching through every menu because I refused to believe Sony would be so stupid as to not include it.

For Sony to get so many things right with the PS4 my guess it that DLNA has been left out because of some licensing/legal issue rather than Sony being stupid.

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I can only tell the difference 900p and 1080p resolutions when looking at side by side pictures on the internet. And even then its close.

But when frame rates and screen tearing come into play I can see it on my TV while playing.
If the 1080p has screen tearing and 30fps then I'd rather have 900p.

Now can we get back to some serious debate.
I find that the PS4 smells much nicer than the awful XB1.
I need my console to smell beautif...

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