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My COD soldier has a respirator skin AND he's on a Painkiller deathstreak!

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My level 1 COD soldier can no-scope your Level 70 Diablo Wizard in the face.

Level numbers mean nothing without context.

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Its the Gummi Bear song in my house.

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Its amazing how memory works. I had forgotten about Gauntlet and now just by reading the word my mind is full of hours spent on the Amiga.

And I agree, Diablo 3 is how my nostalgic mind remembers Gauntlet.


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Imagining an imaginary god?

Just imagine an imaginary god imagining that he created an imaginary universe in which he imagined an imaginary race of people who themselves imagined their own imaginary god.

"Blessed are the Ori"

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Wasn't it Bungie who said something like.

"Make 30 seconds of core gameplay and then just copy and paste if for the rest of the game"

or something like that.
It worked for Halo.

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Scourge (Gear 2 bad guy) would be a perfect fit for MK

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So its a social demo.

I'm cool with that.

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All my friends have 'grown out' of gaming :-(

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What the.....?

I've been looking forward to this so much for my PS4.
I've even been playing the hell out of TLOU so I can devote all my time to D3.

Now I'm having second thoughts.
I said I wouldn't get a Bone until MCC but now I don't know.
Should I get a Bone and D3?
Or stick with the PS4 version?

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I feel similar.
I should want a game with lasers, mechs and jetpacks but with Destiny, Diablo 3 UE and Halo MCC I just don't think I'll have time for a game that has tricked me once too many times before.

EDIT: But I'll probably end up impulse pre-ordering it 2 days before launch.

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For me its either.

With Lyrics
Cannon Fodder - War has never been so much fun.

For instrumentals
Chuck Rock - Main Theme
Another World - End Theme on the Amiga
Projext X - Main Theme

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When Halo 3 was released on night 1 I remember the online player count in the menus saying it was well over 1 million.

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I thought the same about the PS4 until I got LTOU yesterday.

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I just read your comment and had everyone in the office ask me why I was smiling. LOL

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That's me out.

Without 10 levels of meaningless prestige modes there is no point in playing this game. /s

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And somehow a complete youtube walkthrough of every planet will be available within hours of its release. /s

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Oh great.

In 2014 We can play a polished old map in COD
We can play polished old maps in Halo

And somehow I'm excited about BOTH.
Damn you marketing men!

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I read the headline and was thinking "Lets Not" too.

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I've had the same feeling but dismissed it as my inner fanboy trying to get out.

But maybe my inner fanboy is correct.

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