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Every map from all 3 games with the Gears 3 multiplayer.

60FPS and dedicated servers.

That would be the best online game ever!

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As John Oliver would say.

"How is Destiny still a thing?"

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Optional side quests in ME have more depth to them than the whole of Destiny.

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But which nation would you rather party with?

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A black paraplegic lesbian who champions the needs of the poor.....Yeah, I'd tap that.

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2017 confirmed!

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Flatland was really good.

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"In a few months time, there will be an exodus of Guardians."

That sounds a little optimistic.
MCC and AW will be here in 1 month.

Then Destiny really will be filled with Ghosts.

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I agree.

Bungie sold their soul to MS. Destiny feels like its dead inside.

I can't believe that BUNGIE have made me want to play COD again!

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It is fun but it could have been so much better.

The bad guys don't feel bad. If anything I feel like the bad guy for stomping in there and shooting them when they were all just minding their own business.

The bosses are all just bullet sponges.

There is no big bad guy to hate. You feel that there is nobody pulling the strings.

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Smart is spending 2.5 billion on building your own studios and IPs 5 years ago.

I personally find Minecraft to be tedious and crap. This move has pushed me further into the Sony camp.
And I was a 360 only gamer last gen.

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The thing I hate most is the lack of game chat.

The game feels dead compared to most other shooters.

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Fox News gives you brain damage.
Watching Glee makes you gay.
Playing Resident Evil can give you ebola.
Completing Halo 3 Solo on legendary makes your balls bigger.

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Damn, that looks sweet.

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Its so Tricky.

Tricky, Tricky, Tricky, Tricky, Huh!

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Why, Why, Why can't we get a good ZOIDS game?

I want a Geno Breaker

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But it won't have submarines.

One of my favourite bits of the Battlestations games was managing to get you sub to the other side of the map without being detected and then lying in wait for the enemy carrier. Then coming up to torpedo depth and blasting it point blank before his destroyers could react.

The Battlestations games were unique. Its such a shame Eidos Hungary were closed. F U Square Enix!

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I'm thinking the same.

I gave up on Outlast after about 20 minutes. I don't think I could handle it for 5 mins if it was VR.

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I feel like I'm speaking for all gamers here when I say.

Just give us a 2D 60fps 1080p Rampage remake with great physics featuring all the monsters from the old Japanese Creature Features including Ultraman and Smog Monster

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