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I'd rather a CGI movie like this than a live action.

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All 18 deserve to be there.

But would you kindly add another 2 to your next list.

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Its only a success if people buy it.

Destiny DLC will be competing with some pretty heavy hitters.

I'd rather buy GTAV PS4, MCC and COD than spend another penny on Destiny.

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Running around with that and shouting "Pew, Pew, Pew" would be more fun than playing Destiny.

1/2 / s

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I just hope it runs properly on my PS4.

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720/60 all the way baby!

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Many people don't like sci-fi.

I'm excited about AW but I have friend who say it all looks a bit Haloy

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decrypt, you're getting disagrees but I agree with you.

I still have to turn off my PS4 and fire up my 7-8 year old 360 in order to watch movies from my PC.

It just seems WRONG!

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I disagree.

(Because you said something positive in an Xbox article) /s

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Your suffering from Destiny syndrome.

I've got it too. I can't believe I'm excited about COD again.

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What is clear is that we've all played it.
We all paid our money.

And judging from the Agree / Disagree ratio on most Destiny articles we are split almost 50/50 between those who like it and those who don't.

IMO Destiny feels like a tech demo. It needs a story, enemy AI, more varied missions and enemies, a proper loot system and more distinct good guys. And then I'd call it a complete game.

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Yes it has great mechanics. Looks good too.
But the lack of story, random drops, the lack of scripted set pieces and the blandest generic bad guys make the game feel hollow. It has no soul.

War Thunder, World of Tanks, Warframe are FTP and feel like more complete games than Destiny.

I know you have to grind like hell in WOT to get anywhere, but when you do you feel like you earned it. Random drops don't give you that feeling of accomplishment.

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Bungie simply found a way to get people to buy a game that feels like it should be free to play. It's a trick that will only work for them once.

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Will the DLC contain a story?

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Have you tried Warframe recently?

It feels like the game that Destiny is trying to be.

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Blessed are the Ori

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Yeah, that word will now forever be associated with failure.

Motorcycle Gang would work.

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I keeping my fingers crossed that this generations Darksiders will be Darksiders 3.

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Better with Kinect.

Pew, pew, pew.

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