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It is a little known site called the pirate bay.

They have very cheap prices.

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As i'm in Europe I had no option but to 'obtain' an uncensored version via the interweb.

The version I got said it came with all the DLC.

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First they came for the 360 owners, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a 360 owner.

Then they came for the PS3 owners, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a PS3 owner.

Then they came for the Wii U owners, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Wii U owner.

Then they came for my PC --and there was no one left to speak for me.

If we let them get away with it now by supporting them we are simply opening the ...

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Is the word SWASTIKA banned now too?


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Go full D&D.

I want them to ditch guns in favour of Bows and Arrows, Crossbows, Fireballs, Spears.

I want to see Ogres, Dragons, Skeletons etc.

I'm sick of sci-fi and modern war type shooters.

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So we should all have to put up with silly German rules?
What happens if they do a world wide release that includes Saudi Arabia. Would you be happy playing a game that Saudi censors have a say in?
No sex, no drugs, no humour. NO THANKS!

I suspect UBisofts real reason is so they can sell the US version as the full uncut one and get even more sales as a result.

My argument still stands.

#### YOU UBISOFT! /s

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Its the principle.

If we let them get away with it and still buy the game then where will it stop?

Do you fancy a Gears of War with Nerf guns and no blood?
A Dead or Alive with no boobies?
GTA with no swearing, guns or rude radio adverts?

As an adult its my job to pick what I want to see and play. Ubisoft can go #### themselves with ####### #### if they think #### ###### ##### is ok! (ironic censoring)/s

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Sucker Punch.

Its Ninja Gaiden, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear, Outlast and Dead or Alive all in one movie.

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Whoever it is should hold off for 3 months. Then they'll get it cheaper with a free game.

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Does anyone know if its region locked on the 360 yet?

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Manchester United COULD win the league this year.

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Wonderful news.

Nazis - The bad guys other bad guys want to be.

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Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4.

Some real WTF moments on that show.

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As anal probes seem to be one of the issues.

I think every person who views censorship as wrong should Tweet or Email a Goatse picture to Ubisoft.

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Use google and you'll find them.
Many people threatened with jail and taken to court.
Many fines.
Many people banned from entering the UK.
(One recently for upsetting Jews)
An elected politician from another EU country.
Even more now because of Twitter use.

Same thing happening in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

Ubisoft should hang their head in shame.

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You realise that when people make you self censor, it is the worst censorship of all.

Mohammed the Teddy bear told me that.

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If sign in with my American relatives Xbox account then download it to my UK 360 which version will I get?

I feel like I want to dress as a giant penis and start a protest outside Ubisoft HQ!

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Episode 201 is well known to have been censored.

And the Super Best Friends episode is no longer shown.

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As crazy as America is portrayed on TV here in the UK at least they have freedom of speech written into their constitution.

While here in UK (EU), we can't say anything about Nazis, Jews, Muslims or Gays without running the risk of ending up in jail. Its beautiful to watch American shows (via the internet)like The Colbert Report, Daily Show etc and see jokes that wouldn't be allowed on UK television.

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Will American versions work on a UK 360?

If not, it just went from a must buy to a must pirate for me.

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