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I'm shocked that Funspot in Weirs Beach New Hampshire wasn't mentioned. That place is Mecca for retro gaming. I spent a lot of time there when I was younger.

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That's what the 360 fans want Donald, because that's what sells, and that's what the 360 fans care about more than anything. Oh and make sure it has no exclusive games, they hate those.

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I got an Iguana for Christmas. Does anyone know what I should feed him? Because that is as relevant to the topic as the list of 360 games you posted.

But seriously what do they eat? He's looking hungry.

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Now Zoidberg is the popular one!

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You shouldn't talk since you defend a company with a 60 dollar online pass every year for every game.

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I would say more exclusive games but 360 fans hate those so how about an app that shows how much money MS is making in real time? That's what 360 fans really care about.

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Well this is good news for MS fans since they don't like games anymore.

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Wow 2 PS3 exclusives on the list with The last of us being number one above Halo 4. Even 360 fanboy sites like this can't downplay the PS3 and its exclusives anymore. They do still try though with "Indiana Jones" anyone being a perfect example.

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The cruise ship level in Uncharted 3 was the highlight of gaming in 2011 for me.

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It's a Sony product of course they will complain. The Vita could cure cancer and people would still complain.

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I'm sure people will enjoy being shot in the back on this map for 15 bucks.

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No it can't Uncharted 3 is much better than those games.

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five six your mother loves big...I'm sure you can figure the rest out.

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Do you work for Microsoft? Why does their success mean more to you than having more games to play? I don't understand how so many 360 fans take on the mentality of an employee or shareholder of MS instead of a gamer.

The PS3 gets all of those multiplats plus all the exclusives. More games is better, I don't see how people can disagree with this.

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Since all the 360 fans on this site seem not to care about exclusives and claim to prefer multiplats they should have no problem with every 360 exclusive going to the PS3.

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They are the single most biased review site on the internet IMO.

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360 fanboy tactic #5 Whatever the 360 does not have is irrelevant.

HDMI and built in wifi were irrelevant until the 360 got them. Exclusives were important when the 360 had them now that it does not they are irrelevant. No doubt if the 360 or the next xbox gets some exclusives they will be relevant again.

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You really are a sad individual if other people hyping a game effects your enjoyment of it.

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360 fanboy tactic #24 Pretend to have a PS3 that is never used for anything but Uncharted(which is the only PS3 game they can't pretend is overrated) or Blu Ray and say that it "just collects dust".

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I stopped reading after parental controls. What a joke article.

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