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sony actually makes money off the PS3 in europe and maybe breaks even in the U.S. Explanation?????=1 dollar=1.5 euro PS3 euro price=599euro
599euro=900 dollars 900 per system = profit

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Your a fukin idiot.If they sold 2million on day one (1.7million were preorders),how do u think they r going to sell more than 14 million in 1 more day.Thats why i hate these freaking deadbox360 fanboys!they just say the most stupid things.

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3 halo 3 packages average $85
$170 million divided by $85 is=2million copies
Spiderman 3=$11 a ticket
$160 million box office weekend divided by 11=14+million tickets sold
Being able to shut deadbox360 fanboys the fuk up!=PRICELESS
Microsoft only people that are disinformed go with your console and your stupid made up stories.U can say im a fanboy ,however the facts talk fo...

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where the fuk is Uncharted and Ratchet!this guy is biased .go play some fukin nintendogs,or suk on marios wii wii!

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hd dvd has Transformers(a beauty)and shrek as their heavy hitters this holiday.Blu ray has Spiderman trilogy,Pirates 3,Simpsons,huge releases from Walt Disney,Fox(Die Hard) coupled with some other big Sony Pictures releases(Resident Evil anyone?)and you have an unstoppable force this holiday.Not to mention that Transformers and shrek would have been multi-format if it would not have been for a certain company playing the role of an obstructionist.Bill Gates cannot buy the whole world!P.S the ...

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now that is what i call a good post EAGLE21.You pointed out a lot of the things that some haters refuse to admit.Its a matter of time before everything falls into place.

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finally somebody with the guts to give an honest review on halo3!!!!

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Let all these xbots cheer all they want.They got outsold by 100 million units last gen.Sony ps2 has outsold xbox 360 every month since its been out except for august and sept.thats embarassing in my view.This guy should be fired for saying that nothing can save the ps3 now.This is ignorance at its best.Just be patient Sony supporters.They got halo3 and mass effect(KOTOR clone)as their big xclusives this year.Sony has haze,ut3,rachet,uncharted,hs,w arhawk,gt5 prologue.Our time is coming very s...

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halo 3 is actually halo 2.75. its the same fukin graphics in hd.same freaking game with a lame story.its amazing what 35 million dollars in marketing can do to a game.Its a shame that some gamers are blinded by this stupidity.IN my opinion halo is not even in the top 3 in fps this holiday.1)COD4 2)UT3 3)HAZE 4)Crisis

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AMAZING!people complain that the ps3 is expensive which in my opinion is false.but they also complain or have something negative to say even when sony adds value to the is about 5.5 million units from the X360.all this without much marketing and only being out in europe for 5 months.Not to mention that they have not even hit $399 which is how x360 started.AAA games are starting to poor in.HS,Lair(i like it)and warhawk got it started.2007 is pure gravy the rest of the way. And do...

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This guy Kim is a clown.I have read some of his comments lately and they are without merit.How ignorant and stupid can u be when u say that u basically will win the generation from sony in just 1 year after the PS3 is out.halo is what it is an overhyped game.Before you Microfans go krazy ive played halo 1 and actually bought an xbox 1 for it,however after that i realized it was just a thing for the moment after that it sucked in my opinion.Sony hs a game that sells it self and does not ...

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this guy bluebrad is an can u say that ps3 will finish last this gen.The console war is just beginning .your statements are way too premature!go post post somewh or go play some freaking vivapinata or something!Clown

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a $200 price drop in 6 months is very possible.the iphone just had this done a few days ago!What some of u people dont understand is that Sony does a huge portion of its manufacturing inhouse.i believe sony is making a profit out of every ps3 sold,especially in Europe where it costs up to 599euros(1000dollars).Soon the slowly but surely transission from ps2 players to the PS3 will take full effect and a $399 sku is a magnificent way to get them started.Sony will soon start dropping bombs and ...

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First gamestop called me on tuesday evening and said it will be there wednesday afternoon.Then today they called again and said thursday.So i called an individual store where i used to live about 3 miles away and to my surprise they had it,I coulnt wait so i got it today.ITS A HEAVENLY GAME FOR GOD SAKE!!!!!!

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i bought this game and its been freaking awesome so far.Firmware 1.92 did help the sixaxis and the controls seem much tighter.Ill be fair and say the game has a few issues ,however if you can see past them you will find a stunning game which combines epic storytelling,unparelled graphics,diverse and exciting gameplay by the of the sixaxis.My username might make my opinion irrelevant to some ,however this game freaking rocks!!!!go get it now

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getting it in a few minuts at 12:01am. my psn id is bronxterror.add me then ill add u guys.

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What is bubble?

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thats it somebody has got to say it.there is something going on?Conspiracy?maybe. HS getting a six.this guy should get fired .lately every sony AAA titles have been getting the short end of the me fanboy or whatever but microsoft has paid a few people for this it just makes sense.hey i know !drake,socom, gt5prolouge,haze,ut3, all get 6

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there are so many conspiracies that i can think of as to some of the reviews of lair and warhawk.its all propaganda.dont think that because a mag says psm its affiliated with sony.these are independent companies.i saw lair get eights and 9s,warhawk even better.thats a big gap between 5,and 9 0r 6 and can you deduct points to a game because its made to be played online only?why not just deduct 2.5 points off of SOCOM:CONFRONTATION before its even out IDIOT.What im trying to say is times ...

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