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its all bullshit. first people said Heavenly Sword was 5 hours long.Its actually about 8 to 9 hours so Uncharted is probably about 12 hours long or so.which is perfect

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This guy makes a good argument.However with respect to Wii,I think it will fade,slowly anyway.

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The war is not over,however in my opinion hd dvd is hanging around as long as they can.I mean lets be serious!Hd dvd win this christmas?yeah and MGS4 is coming out this year.Just because a big guy said it doesnt mean its true.Fact is Blu-ray is killing hd dvd where it counts.That would be disks sales.And did he say loss of confidence?Lets see-Spiderman Trilogy,POTC:AWE,Die Hard series,The simpons,Superbad,Ratatouille,D isney pictures,sony pictures,the list goes on and on!If this means loss ...

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Its what Ive been saying all along.Its not a matter of if but when

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and people say theres not a conspiracy against the ps3

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With Spiderman 3 coming in less than a week,then the Disney movies,then the Die hard Trilogy,then Sony Pictures(Superbad)and then Pirates .Its gonna get a lot worse for HD-dvd.Even the ignorant fanboys know this

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Will speaks the truth?How do u know?Hes in the entertainment business u FU--!Nobody tells the entire truth

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This is just getting out of hand people.I have a PS3 which I adore and i also have a 360 .But to say that the wii is the only next-gen system out there is a disgrace.Maybe he should of said the wii is the only system which people barely play.Last poll indicates 67 percent of wii owners are not playing.This system is a disgrace to us real gamers.its a disgrace to the Nintendo faithful.If your smart you will realize that Will is saying this because PS3 and 360 more or less competes with the PC ...

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Wow this clown actually called amazon.This is how Xbots are guys.They dont have a life.Go get a girlfriend or something dude.Maybe that will take your mind off of Bill Gates kock!

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folklore has been labeled a must buy by almost every major reviewer.Edge gave it a 5.Something is going on people.A have the game and its great.Good visuals,nice art,great gameplay and most important for me, it has an amazing story.Dont believe everything u read

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This is blasphemy at its worst i will never ever go to Gamespot website ever again..I swear.I wish i could go see the reviewer so i can knock him out cold

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This record will be short lived.It will last until the 30th when Spiderman 3 comes out.

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yo Jason your an idiot.By the time they come out with this hardware it will be late 2008 0r early 2009.which means that Ps3 will have tied microsoft or probably surpassed them in units worldwide.So your comment is stupid.Why dont you go ride Bill Gates!Maybe he will give you a job or something.

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what fu----g line up?mass effect and thats it.i cant believe microshit has the nerve to say they have the greatest holiday line up ever!These x idiots buy into everything.dont worry sony fans,after ms and nintendo getting there asses kicked so bad last gen they get so excited at the smallest piece of news.Pathetic!

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Great post man!Its funny that so many people(Xidiots)disagree with your post when everything u said is actually true.

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Wow this guy just managed to fix all of sony troubles all by himself.Maybe he should replace Kaz as head of SCE.Listen people,there are 120 million+ PS2 out there,which is more than SuperNintendo(60million)Xbox1( 24million)and Gamecube(20million)combined.My point is that almost everyone that is going to buy a ps2 already has.Why does Microshit get a pass with almost no BC?Stop hating on the PS3.Everybody knows the inevitable.Ps3 will rule! PLAY B3YOND

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Vortex your a f---ing clown.Only people who are not real gamers like you will say that the wii is better than the ps3 or 360.Wii is selling so much because women make up almost 50 percent of the install base.You probably belong in that group.Why dont u go give mario a blowjob idiot!

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dont worry richie the PS3 will be $400 soon and maybe youll be able to afford one.

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maybe if this guy would spend more time exploring the possibilities of the cell instead of eating twinkies all the time maybe he get somewhere.Go get Wii Fit you fat f--k!

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