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thats a dumb ass point.About 5 companies make blu ray players.Thats like saying Wii is number 1 but only 3 companies make consoles stupid idiot!

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Great post man!Its great when people actually do some research before talking smack.Also some Xgirls seem to forget seem to forget that from january to march PS3 will se Haze,GT5:P,and devil Devil may cry.and some nice surprise.11 million is totally within reach.

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hey dumb ass Genuine maybe if u bother to actually break it down like CRCK did then maybe you can come with a more informed conclusion instead of taking something out of your a$$!

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Microsoft said last week that already sold 1 million units of mass effect?They r overstating the facts.just like they say they sold 14 million xbox360s,without stating the fact that probably about 2 to 3 miliion are people buying them again because the crappy hardware.

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Yo Radiant your a fukin clown dude.Michael Bay is 1 of the best directors ever.HE actually made the Transformers with another famous director that supports blu ,anybody heard of Steven Spielberg?Get your facts straight dude or just shut the fuk up! I could care less if these Bill Gates nutsuckers disagree,the fact of the matter is soon youll probably spend 15 dollars at a theater near u to see a michael bay film.

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Anybody with a little sense knows that microsoft was behind the paramount deal.Problem is they are too little too late.I hate microsoft for the way they conduct business.Thats why they are getting their asses kicked by Apple,Google andsoon SONY!

when blu wins,i think they should block paramount from producing on blu.
That will teach them not a 150 million dollar lesson,but much much worse

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I knew something shady was going on the day they gave Rachet and Clank a 7.5. Sellouts!!!!!!!!!

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This is great.I cant wait till the NPD numbers come out.I wonder what the Xboys will be saying on the 13th.Hope its friday too!lol

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This is all web propaganda.If PS3 owners are not buying blu ray movies then where are all the Disks sales coming from?Last time i checked blu ray has 70 percent of the market.Blu ray players are selling well but not as well as Sony(panasonic,samsung etc.)would like them 2.This all points to the fact that the PS3 is carrying the market.The PS3 is exactly what Sony said it would be and then some.It is a Trojan Horse.

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For me it was either UT3 or Haze this holiday.Since Haze has been delayed ,this is a sure pick for me.

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why is this desperate asshole

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Microsoft knows the Ps3 is coming.They getting desperate.

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yo radient shut the hell up dude your a clown

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what does divx exactly do?

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maybe they just want the A.I to be dumb and stupid so u can just breeze thru the game ala Gears of WAR

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totally agree with u Gamesblow.For me gamespot has been irrelevant since they gave R&C a 7.5.But this just proves what I have been saying all along,some reviewers are corrupt or have been paid decently.I mean for a game to get less points because its A.I is too fuking smart is ridiculous.Its a decent score but Uncharted deserves at least a 9 or more.By the way have u heard about a certain high profile game with glitches all over the place,rampant slowdown lame gameplay etc, and still got...

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just wait till the heavy hitters start coming in(MGS4,Killzone,LBP,FF13,8 days,GT5 etc.)then u will see the powr of the playstation brand

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The format war has gone on because of the man u see in the picture.Everyone knows Blu is best.I cant wait to see Bill's face when its all said and done.Blu-ray all the way!

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I will wait for a more accurate firm.

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I strongly agree.If a PS3 game has slowdown it gets bombed from all sides.360 gets a game with insane slowdown and it gets a 9 or more.Its all bull$hit.The REviewer industry has failed us ,or has sold itself.

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