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This is way more than a demo.I mean 50 cars more than 5 tracks,16 player online matches.The price is justified.So all u cheapstakes,if u think $40 is too much just dont buy it.However dont try to say that $40 is too much.I personally would have paid full price.Thats because I am a real GT fan!

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did that bich at the end say that they ended with a majority of marketshare for the year?Wow these guys just keep the bull$hit coming!

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Its stupid that some people say that Hd dvd is better when the people who actually make the movies(Spielberg,Michael)say they prefer BLU!Get over it and move on!its over

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Wow it really is the Red Ring Of Death!piece of crap!

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This is probably some guy who cant handle the truth.Sour grapes anyone??
If anyone was going to bid that kind of money it would be Toshiba and Microsoft(Bill Gates)with his deep pockets.Fox going hd dvd?yeah right.Whatever anyone tries to make up,you lose Blu wins!

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hey tomfool ,i guess u heard about Warner Bros.Dont hate.Everything is just falling into place.Now go eat Bill Gates kock before he leaves microsoft,u got about a week left! Idiot!

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This is great!Finally a company choosing the superior format instead of bribes.Go Blu!

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As these Xgirls see the Ps2 is still beating the 360.I would be embarrased,but the xbots will have a way to spin this fact.The ps3 is starting to hit its stride.Its just a matter of time before everything falls into place.

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ofcourse its numbers shipped.Microsoft is always trying to inflate numbers.Even vg chatz has them at 16 million.

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Did this guy just say that Gears of War 2 will expand in japan?Dude your smokin something thats making u crazy!

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Gears of War 2 game of the year?lol,yeah right

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Wii is a piece of crap.Its a disgrace to us real gamers.

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Yo knight,who said sony announced their full 2008 line up idiot.

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I strongly disagree with the killzone comment.Killzone was not a bad game.It wasnt AAA.However it was above average.

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hey masterg hows UT3?Im thinking about getting it

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this is all bullcrap.Its nintendo marketing at its worst.The wii is a piece of $hit

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What Xbox360 consumers in japan?lol

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there were many great games in 2007.Many were greater than SMG.This mario has been blown out of proportion for years .Its just a stupid plumber running around.ridiculous!!!!!

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if they sold more units in 2007 than 2006 it was because of some people buying it again cause of the piece of $hit hardware.There is no way microsoft is selling more units in 2008.Its all downhill from here xgirls.

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somebody please tell me what exactly u can do with divx support cause i honestly dont know.

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