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No it cant be!Not a system that has no games and was a lot more expensive.Not the system with Blu Ray that people said was a liability.Not the system that people said was done only months after launch!No it cant be!Obviouly I am being sarcastic.Go [email protected]#$ yourselfs Xbots your days are numbered!Play Beyond!The Future is BLU!

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Hey my kock is INYOURMOM .Your an idiot,soon Microsoft will have to pay sony millions just for licensing Blu Ray!Go eat Bill Gates A$$ stupid clown.

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hey InYOurMoms A$$ last time i checked the psp was selling more than the 360 worldwide so your the dumb a$$!

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This is great!Last time i trust vg chartz.

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I get so frustrated with these ignorant X3shitty lovers posting ridiculous articles.I wish i could have a couple of rounds with this guy!

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I guess everybody is jumping on the bandwagon before they get left out.Play Beyond!

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PS3 beating visuals?yeah right!

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yeah sure!If Microsofts strategy was to sell less units in 2007 than 2006 despite having its best games ,than yeah they!

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PS3 is almost at 10million worldwide according to vg chartz.there is still 2 full months left till march 31.Ps3 will meet its goal of 11 million worlwide by march 31st.

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This game is gonna prove all doubters wrong!

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Ps3 has not been out for a year in europe and its already about to takeover the 360.

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Uncharted is past 1 million worldwide now

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Wow great article!This guy read my mind.Play Beyond!

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These stupid X-girls fail to mention the Ps3 is gaining on the 360 worldwide.360 did not even beat the ps2 in 2007.It sold less units in 2007 than 2006 despite being cheaper and having their supposedely best line up ever.There is no way the 360 will beat the PS3 in 08.PLAY BEYOND and GO BLU !

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tOTALLY AGREE WITH U HARRY.Its also funny to me that these [email protected] refuse to see that they r still playing catch up to a 7 year old console ,the PS2.Long Live Sony!Play Beyond!

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apple is also supporting blu ray with blu ray equipped macs.So this guy is just another apple fan ,as many of us are,however he is going a little too far.

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Yo BENZ stop posting bullshit a$$hole.

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This is ridiculous.Warner Bros. ceo said no.If anybody would have won a so called bidding war it certainly would have been Bill Gates.400 million is like pocket change for this guy!Xbots and HD DVDead fanboys just have to get over the fact that a company actually chose the superior format instead of bribes.

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Wow this dumb A$$ masterg just tried to spin these numbers more than Toshiba and Hd DVDead!PS3 rules!Play Beyond

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The Xbox 3shitty is almost the same price as the wii in europe and it still got its a$$ whooped!This is even more troubling when u count the fact that the PS3 big titles havent come out yet!GO BLu and Play BeyonD!

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