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Apparently Zelda Doesn't have to have good storytelling because... Nintendo...

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Don't forget the built in Microphone Sony

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Hey Pokemon was an alternative to Shin Megami Tensei before became huge...

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They are too overconfident if they think they can have us wait this long and only have one show with PS5 announcements this late in the year.

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Please, please, please, tell me there's voice chat!...

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Please, please, please tell me there's voice chat!...

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Not the same, Uncharted had unrealistic physics. TLOU2 found a way to use realistic physics and make it interesting.

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Pretty much if this game wasn't named "The Last of Us" it would be Generally recognized as a beautiful game. It turned videogame Campaign direction, and design on it's head.

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This might be another Review Metacritic ignores for a couple days...

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This may be the only game that can conquer
1. the full force of the internet.
2 Spoilers
3. Irrational haters who no longer have a valid reason to hate the game since there were so many lies in the reports of the game;
4 Game journalists looking for clicks.

And still break records

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Wow in less than 24 hours a bunch of people had zero scores for a game 25-30 hours long. Time Travel is here my friends REJOICE!

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1. I haven't seen any Journalists(s) talk about Genitals.
2. Most people who hate it, hated the game prior to playing it.
3. Everyone is mad at the Death, yet Game of Thrones was the most popular show in the last 20 years. #makesnosense.

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Even with everyone being spoiled, the game does well.

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I'm confused as well.
1. Abby is not Transgender like they were saying.
2.Crunch is not exclusive to ND by a longshot.
3.People are Mad at the Death yet Game of Thrones exists, and was probably the most popular show in a decade.

What are people mad at again.\, I don't even think they know.

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They need better controls now, for the current PSVR, no need to wait for PS5, controls with analogs.

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The WiiU was this Generation, the Switch is next Generation

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@septemberindecember I'm not denying anything, everything has inspiration, but Zelda's dungeons are pretty run of the mill dungeons, he could have been inspired by any games dungeons, and I'm not saying talking about influence, I'm talking about BOTW Borrowing from original concepts in Shadow of the Colossus.

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I get what he means, but None of the Colossi look like Zelda Bosses, and Zelda's dungeons aren't unique, many games have had dungeons, and Zelda just had them incorporated in the game. While Shadow of the Colossus' Colossi, are a first of it's kind. Not much about Zelda is original.

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Yeah in 1080 Pee

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