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There isn't anything creepy about this at all. Some people (implying they are actually people) don't understand the beauty and art of photography.

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People have been wanting to trade items in Destiny for quite some time so maybe this is about that. A little Eververse in your Universe.

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I'm sure they'll show off a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster before showing off anything about Mass Effect 4.

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No, because it wasn't broken to begin with.

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I've played the last "Tomb Raider" and this would definitely not be "huge news" considering the last one was nothing like a Tomb Raider game. It's just a bunch killing humans & animals to get XP and hardly any puzzles. Even the "tombs" (if you even want to call them that) were optional.

The Tomb Raider franchise has been dead for quite some time.

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My predictions

Shenmue 3
Crash Bandicoot by Naughty Dog
Playstation All-Stars 2

And a few more games that will never happen.

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He seems passionate about ruining Nomura's vision of the game. FFXV is nothing but another FFXIII clone so I don't see why people think it's going to change anything.

They have a better chance with FF16 than anything else and that's only if they don't delay it to downgrade it later.

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Glad I didn't buy into the hype.

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I don't really want to pay $4 for a Kano skin though.

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Reviewing only the PvE element of a game that blends both seamlessly is retarded. It would make more sense to review a game like CoD's single player separately from its multiplayer.

It just goes to show why this review is already a joke.

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It's online (and it's a game with terrible netcode; patch made it so where 2 yellow bars in the past is now 2 green bars). Maybe if they were offline it would've meant something but nobody takes this garbage seriously online. That's why those ESL tournaments are a joke.

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I'll continue to not buy the games just like people didn't buy Shenmue. I couldn't care less about the milked Yakuza franchise.

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No. Wait until PlayStation Platinum Wireless Stereo Headset because you know it's coming.

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I couldn't care less if it was some crappy remake (what I still see it as) or a terrible sequel/prequel because either way it's still garbage.

I also couldn't care less about reviews as I've seen worse movies that have had really good reviews.

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I prefer the original and not the garbage remake. I'll skip the game cause I know it will be just as bad.

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It's almost as if people are surprised that Square-Enix doesn't make good FF games (this includes remasters/remakes).

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MGS4 was the perfect finale. This is just a mediocre MGS game.

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More satire articles, huh?

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Doesn't N4G require you to label these types of articles with "Satire"?

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"Finally, they've learnt their lesson."

lol, you certainly haven't.

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