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Switch is the best selling system. That shows the exact opposite of your false narrative. My own belief is this obsession from AAAs to stream and force online gaming is what will majorly contribute to a western AAA crash.

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Not at all. PS5 is going to be the 360 of thise generation while Series X will be the PS3. What I mean is it seems like the better investment RIGHT NOW but as you milk what sells to death and your comeptitor pumps exclusive after exclusive while you paid millions of dollars for timed content the fanboys that bought your system began to realise their 360/PS5 was a bad investment in the long term while the PS3/Series X kept providing the better experiences and made it worth more in the eyes o...

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The only way to counter attack Sony's latest practices is to vote with your wallet. If PS5 users do not turn on their systems they will not sell games and Jim Ryan's direction will be called into question by investors. They can sell 100 million PS5s if they want but it is the user engagement the third parties look at. But as long as the systems and software sell he will be free to continue his reign.

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There is no way Gravity Rush cost as much as Last of Us 2 or Horizon to produce. You just have to compare the scale of the games. If Last Guardian cost that much, maybe Sony should not have announced and developed it for PS3 if it was not technically capable. You do not need a source. You need to observe the scale and depth of the games. Last of Us 2 has many CGI sequences and Horizon is a huge open world game, so do not tell me the majority of Japan Studio's games cost as much as th...

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There is a difference between not profiting to your greed and not profiting full stop. Sony Japan's games made plenty of profit.

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I played the game. One of the first bosses was this dark muscular guy holding a massive chain gun of some sort. The game was terrible. Despite what Itagaki said about the game being made to be easier the whole design style made it harder.

Hopefully Ivan the Terrible (that is the name of the main character) never makes it in Smash Bros.

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@ northpaws and neturalgamer

EXACTLY! If it is next generation why is it backwards? Things often go backwards as consoles become more like PCs but you know it is true. Sony should never have released it this year. Stop being fanboys and admit it. Covid hurt the thing and they should have delayed it instead of putting it out just so they can say they told us it would not be delayed. We are in a global pandemic and everybody expected it. Sony was just being stubborn.

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I have every major AAA release (minus sports games) and still have over 18GB of internal memory. That includes the online multiplayer and F2P games. All the memory used internally is minor. For a next gen system to be going backwards probably means additional storage solutions will be added later meaning the system simply was not ready.

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"we are supposed to delete the games we don't play anymore"

Not if you own a Switch. You can have all the memory cards you want to store your games. Why PS5 thinks deleting/redownloading games is progress is beyond me.

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I recall Tifa's size was due to a bust on one of the animators making her bigger.

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There were 12 titles from Sony at that launch including Uncharted, Wipeout, Little Deviants and Super Stardust. It is just a fact it was better. Stop using Vita's long term failure to undermine the launch lineup.

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I disagree with Jim. Vita was better and had more variety.

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Most reason to own PS4 over Xbox this gen was the superior Japanese support so your statement about them never asking for it is just garbage TBH

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@ Remember

Xbox One's fate was decided the minute Sony announced the price and it did not block used games. XOS was a continuation of the One family while Series S is the start of a completely new console generation where third party developers have not outright selected which is the lead platform yet.

Do not underestimate the significance of the install base reset. The majority of consumers do not pledge alleigances to these corporations. People t...

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Price is all too often the most important factor people put in. Look at the DS and PSP. Look at the Wii and the 360. Look at the 3DS and Vita.

Yeah the specs are lower but the trade off to the masses is often considered worth it because they care about their money more compared to the hardware. If you were here during the 360/PS3 era Foxhound you would know people on the internet are all too aware of how "persuasive" to casuals an American corporation with mon...

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The developers will probably be singing a different tune when it flies off the shelves. Wether people like it or not that is extremely brilliant value and if MS have undercut Sony it does not matter anymore, their marketshare is in trouble.

It is clearly not going to be as one sided as PS4 was.

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The developers themselves are not altogether innocent. Respawn's own community manager was cheerleading toxic behaviour from their own employees.

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Dan Houser saw this coming and jumped ship.

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Not stretching at all. For starters, Vita was not truthfully HD, it was only sub HD so that was one lie Sony told. Jack Tretton boasted a 'AAA first person shooter with seamless online connectivity' when talking about Black Ops Declassified. Every single multiplat apart from the original Sigma, looked appauling compared to it's PS3 counterpart, Borderlands 2 most notably. The only reason Sigma looked as good as it did was likely because it was a time when developers were still...

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Vita was compatible with (at the time) high end mobile engines. That does not make it 'PS3 graphics'. PSP also had a Killzone game so getting Killzone does not make it match PS3. Which Vita game was it that looked as good as the Last of Us because I never saw it.

Sony seriously exagerrated what Vita was capable of and that is partially why it failed. See Xaevi you are doing a disservice to the PS3 because you do not seem to realise HOW AHEAD OF IT'S TIME PS3...

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