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1.) I don't think they said anything about Mega Man. They were talking about "X." Mega Man wasn't able to make his own decisions -- X was, including to turn against his creator if he wanted.

2.) If Einstein's assistant went on to build a nuclear bomb himself and ransom the world out of revenge because Einstein took all the credit, I think Einstein would be partially responsible for creating a monster.

3.) If Mega Man X was never invented...

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I'm not sure what your point is, but considering that you have 1 bubble, I can make a pretty good guess.

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The entire time I was playing Army of Two, I kept thinking it was like Bad Boys only with white guys and less over the top racism.

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It wasn't THAT bad. Not as bad as the PC version got screwed over at least.

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MAG was fun, but I expected more. I'd love to see a sequel.

I never had high hopes for Metro 2033 and in retrospect it kind of sucks compared to Fallout: New Vegas.

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Whispered World....such a beautiful game that probably no one ever even thought about playing.

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It doesn't say naughty dog has creative control. It even expresses skepticism. The point being made is that its better than nothing

Also de niro has never been in a bad movie with pesci. Granted scorsece was directing but still...

You're right though --this movie is going to suck hard.

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Disagree with #1 -- Everything or Nothing or Nightfire deserve #1

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Still a day one purchase for me, regardless of the review scores

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I understand stores need to make money, but it's pretty obnoxious to charge like $200 for a HDMI cable taht you can get online for $10.

There's a difference between making a profit and exploiting consumer ignorance.

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Going to go pick it up right now!

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I just traded in my copy of Halo Reach and they offered me like $30 for it. I was like lol wtf and gave it to my friend instead. Bunch of thieves.

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I honestly think this is the largest video game release season in history. There's a stupid amount of new games coming out.

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If you bought every single one of those games, you'd end up spending $1330 dollars.

In one month.

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Man I don't know if any game is worth waiting in line for eight hours.

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The only Reach he's going to be remembering is the REACH AROUND...

Badum tish!

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Heading out to Gamestop in a few to pick mine up. Ordered the Move Starter Bundle and four remotes. Won't have anyone to play with until tonight, so I'll figure out how to use my feet to control the second player.

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I've always been a big fan of Oc Remix --they make some pretty awesome stuff.

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Not overly impressed with any of the titles to be honest.

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"If they don't have Wild Arms 3's intro, I'm going to flame this article to hell," I told myself.

But you did. Not only is it one of the coolest usages of anime in a RPG (why they never turned it into an animated series is beyond me) but holy god the soundtrack was amazing.

You win Internet Points, good sir.

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