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whats up with the fanboys disagreeing?? lol.. ps3 is coming with revenge!

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lol microsoft is unprepared..its to late no one wants it..

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Motor Storm
War Hawk
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet And Clank
Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Time Crisis 4
Unreal Tournament 3
Gran Turismo Prolouge
Eye of Judgement
Sing Star

PSN game
Everyday SHooter
Calling all Cars
Super Star Dust HD

All these game will keep you occupied for the holiday until more bigger g...

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Yeah i have a feeling they will drop the 60gb by 50 dollars at least..I expect it to be sold out by christmas.

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im in love!!they need to release it now!~~

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Thats nice now spread the words

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halo 1 2 and 3 is the same crap..nothin next gen..xboxlive and mulitplayer is the only thing fun.that is old news..people is on halo nuts..

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this will push up ps3 this xmas..most people dont have a ps3 waitin for another price drop and now its coming..expect sony to do good this christmas

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PS3 version is better because it will guranteed your be able to play it on day one purchase..

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yet u guys buy crappy system that will die..the 360 is a joke at least i can play the game and not worry about it bricking my ps3.

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this is only a love payin for exclusive but cant put some of the money to make better hardware..if like losing money then i really dont care..but for all the people who gone through so many defective microsoft is goin to lose them in the end..

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1.Uncharted Drakes Fortune
2.Ratchet anc Clank Tools of Destruction
3.Unreal Tournement
6.Time Crisis 4
7.Gran Turismo Prologue
8.Sing Star
9. Eye of Judgement

All great games!! The simpson Movie goin to be only Blue ray to around christmass time..i hope they bundle it.

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haha..this is freaken funny..i cant wait for rumble is goin to be great

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they already confirmed ps3 exclusive at tgs..Only concentrating on one system..and thats the ps3..

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i know there is a few hundred thousand returned back because of scratches in limited edition..and halo 2 sold about the same

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halo 3 look like halo 2 in HD..played it at my friend house and he also agreed with me...the 360 just maxed its power..

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Its over Microsoft launched their biggest game but end up screwing it up..and they are not makin any profits at all..The graphics seem dull on the 360.we wont see any great lookin games from it..Microsoft better enjoy where they at right now because sony coming for them

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THey will never make money..Halo 3 was another halo 2..the same amount of people bought it..they losing money on repairs and giving out games disks..dont know why they continue when they losing billons of dollar

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no suprise for xbots

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