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Look ... I'm no SJW. I'm far, far left, but I don't play this coddle everyone, you are what you say you are identity politics crap.
That said, having open inclusion also doesn't mean "it's not for us". That means it's for everyone, to varying degrees. If they push a minority, for the sake of being inclusive, too hard, I won't buy. Simple as that.

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You're really just trying to hate at this point. You claimed all their games are buggy; someone gives you examples to the contrary, and then you deflect on points of sales, or the other example being a "miracle". It's not a miracle that a competent developer, given resources and time, made a competent game. And Pillars sold what it needed to. It's a crowd funded game. At the end of the day, it paid for itself via the people who wanted it made. ...

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I've been saying the same, as for the overall look of the title. People keep saying Borderlands, but I see RAGE far more.
Mechanically speaking though, this really is them working off of the systems they used in New Vegas.

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Bioware is a shell of the company it was when they were handling stuff like Kotor, Baldur's Gate.

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My most anticipated. Obsidian, CDPR, and Larian are the masters of the RPG genre at the moment.

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It's called anything of recent memory. Notice anything from their kickstarter, where they have full control over funding and development goals, have been of extremely high quality.

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Dude. We heard you the first time. Last time I checked though, Borderlands wasn't an in-depth rpg, with player agency within missions. They share a space western theme, that Borderlands didn't even invent. That's pretty much where the comparison ends. Borderlands = looter shooter. Outer Worlds = deep rpg.

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One of my favorite games of recent memory.

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Oh yes; an in-depth, single-player, choice-driven roleplaying experience is the exact same thing as an online, looter sandbox with survival-lite elements.

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That was a really long-winded way of saying you're happy MS can't claim the game as their own.

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EW 2 was a step forward for the series. Wolfenstein 2 was a step backward.

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There's 12 vita owners really excited about this.

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Atari has been a joke as of the last few years though. Releasing shovelware, like the latest Alone in the Dark. Nightdive does good work though.

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Nothing is going to come of this. They were probably just being played around with while in development, and thus pieces of said titles still sit in the code. Playstation Classic isn't getting much positive press, by any means. If this were the case, Sony would already be talking about this; steering this thing back to the right direction.

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Only ever had the original, black console. I did have that green controller though. Had the same back in the N64 days, as well. May grab the controller, if only for nostalgia's sake. Always did prefer the original, larger version of the controller.

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im a jornalist

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It took steam a long time to gain traction. With competition like GoG, Steam, and even Greenman already established, they really need to figure something different and interesting to offer if they want to break into the storefront market to any real extent.

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Your comment isn't even coherent.

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I really don't get the point of the article lol.

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Title reads "the AAA Industry Should Share the Stage with Indies"

Article goes on to state "the AAA Industry Shares the Stage with Indies".

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