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This was posted and plastered all over PlayStation Facebook and Microsofts Facebook. Now only that they continue to drip feed random facts like lgbtq characters, working on it for the past two years etc.

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The game is great but it's the promotion mixed with Good game mechanics that pushed this game to the top. EA threw a lot of money since day 1 on promotion with Sony and Microsoft. They also have continuous factoids and interviews to keep promoting this game through a lot of venues. A great game can do wonders with great promotion.

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Anyone else mad no sources are cited with links

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I didn't know the name of the game. You should put "dragalia lost" in quotee.

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Crash Bash

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If you ever run into this specific issue and the company doesn't help you just go to your financial institution. Apple ran into this issue a while back and was held liable.

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His explanation made sense. The story made the main character more annoying. The gameplay mechanics have shown their age. But the base gameplay was still fun if you loved previous titles. Must buy for huge fans of the series and not for anyone who has to put in effort on an aged game. Great review.

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Google is also making a console

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It's temporary and coming back

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No one's gonna talk about dat click bait pic tho

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If you've seen any of his run throughs before he knows little about controls for gaming. That was insanely scripted. Not saying anything bad about the switch but they made it seem like he knew more because he was a fan which couldn't be further from the truth.

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Maybe it's the console cycle and vr derps like the industry for greed

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Damn your clickbait boobs. DAMN THEM.

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I only get them on PC right now. But chrome on PC and mobile are different.

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Ha the porn is the problem here? Every parent should know the effect of 3D images on younger kids, so the REAL irresponsible thing is buying the 3DS.

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But people will not buy a Wii U for COD. Nintendo fans love quality, the Wii fan base they bolstered was about individuality not mainstream products.

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Maybe Hardcore RPG Grind elements but COD has dropped off the mainstream map. This is not the way they should go. Maybe a Destiny Exclusivity but they are continually misunderstanding their core.

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I don't care it's still hot to me lol

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I neeedd teh boobage

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I can't get enough of this

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