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it dose look interesting does it have a release date?

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Why do some of you get mad when you hear the word "XBOX"?😂

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Series x because the specs and the disc drive

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Glad i dont determine my purchase off these articles. Hell this author must have never played God of war. But in the end because im a gamer for both mature and Teen games i will be purchasing both next gen consoles

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Im guessing thats what ms wants is gamepass numbers. But to me without gamepass how many of the games you seen would you purchase? I mean crossfire x and the medium looked interesting but not sure i would purchase others day one. Now if it was Gears of war or God of war something of a graphical beast i would be thirsty for next gen but as of now im not sure a fast SSD is enough for me to jump

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I am a halo fan but i am not impressed by this. Of course I'll still play it (thanks to gamepass) but im seriously thinking about waiting to jump into next gen maybe 2021. I haven't seen a next gen game that doesn't look like its predecessor (Xbo,PS4) . So I'll wait till those graphical games come before i jump into next like god of war gears of war etc

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Im not sure this is a good investment. The sale of WB doesn't include licensed ip batman lord of the rings shadow of Mordor or dc universe for 4BIL .They (MS) would be getting 4 studios and Mortal Kombat IP which then could have netheralm studios work on Killer instinct or even mk vs ki. But is 4Bil worth it?

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lol well understood

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yes halo 5 sold 5mil in 3 months with a install base of or around 20mil so I think its hard to say will it be a system seller because the hardcore xbox fans including me were already planning to get the next xbox anyway rather halo infinite releases on launch day of new system or not and with game pass now sales wont be a definite answer to if it succeed or not but review scores will.

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well for me personally there is no one game that's a system seller. I have to see games for that system in order for me to be baited in . but if there was one game that I would make me buy a system for it would be grand theft auto 6. but since that's multiplatform it doesn't count. but to answer the op question on halo..... its hard for me to give a answer on that since im already a halo fan

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I dont care how boring and exciting it may seem to you but i will definitely be getting the ps5 when it comes out. I am a gamer and if has what i like then im buying it

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from what I hear the sales are disappointing and the campaign is not that good but besides that … having fun in the mp .

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More people picked alexios actually 2/3 and Kassandra was 1/3

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yes I beat both off them and I 100% agree that odyssey is a better game than origins. Odyssey story is much better than origins

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This was the best assassins creed in a long time. I put in over 50hrs already

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Interesting! We know phil doesn't appear at live events just because. Announcement coming?

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Loved Bioshock 1 & 2 and infinite was ok but not like the first 2 installment something about the sea and little sisters that made me love the first 2 Bioshock games

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This has to be somewhat true because Xbox one version is 48.4gb

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Same here. I love 90% of PS4 exclusives but when it comes to multiplayer...Xbox just feels much better in that department. Im just blessed to have both systems so i dont miss out on anything. And will be the same next gen (true gamer)

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Ninja theory!! I think scalebound has been reborn!

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