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ことは、日本で本当に難しいです、私は本当に彼らはすぐに回復期 待

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Running Linux on the PS3 was very limited:
-Very poor Cell optimization
-No access to the GPU (blocked by a hypervisor)

The PS3 was crippled as far as Linux is concerned. BTW, GeoHotz wasn't the first to bypass the hypervisor, but when when he released some 'unusable' hack, they later chose to remove OtherOS.

Its like Sony said, "We'll let you use Linux on the PS3, but we'll make sure it won't be too much fun...&qu...

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LOL those videos are so funny! Sony needs to take a chill-pill...

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I wish this guy well :-)

I don't know why people are so angry with these hackers (GeoHotz & Graf_chokolo). Some have mentioned game piracy, but I haven't seen any game piracy "directly related" to either of these guy's hacking efforts.

If GeoHotz or Graf_chokolo enabled any piracy at all, can someone please post a link to the story of "actual" or "theoretical" PS3 piracy.

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Ryan Hart - Sagat
Daigo Umehara - Ryu

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You should watch some of his hacking presentations. You'll see that he also offers solutions to prevent his hacks, & identifies weak spots in the PS3 security system that he hasn't exploited yet. GeoHotz even says what Sony could have done to make it much, much harder for him to hack. Overall, he says that Sony's security scheme is really good, but they somehow made some critical & puzzling mistakes.

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My answer to your question the way you asked it is "No".
But as far as I know, GeHotz hasen't stolen anything. He searched for something hidden (on something that he owns) and found it. The master key enables people to use the PS3 in ways Sony doesn't intend I to be used. Sony's security team obviously isn't handeling business like it should.

GeoHotz saw some holes in the PS3's security a while ago. But ...

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Sony should hire GeoHotz. He's proven himself as a very skilled hacker & has shown interest in working for the other side. He even took steps not to enable game piracy while hacking (but it wasn't his priority though). The fact that he even THOUGHT about piracy at all should at least get him meeting with Sony's security team.

But Sony is probably to arrogant to even talk to someone who hacked their security system.

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impressive, but different game...

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If i buy a PS3, then I own it. I own the CELL CPU, RSX GPU, Blu-Ray drive, RAM, hard drive I own the entire device - inside & out, I'm not "renting" it in any way. But I don't own the CELL technology that makes up the CELL CPU, RSX, etc...

If I buy a Honda Civic Si with a i-VTEC engine, then I own it that engine. I should be able to modify the engine in any way I want (as long as I don't harm others, i.e. illegal emissions or risk of explosion)- turb...

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Thumbs-up for GeoHotz! I'm not sure why so many people hate this guy for hacking the PS3. It only allows people to write software for the PS3 (just like a regular PC or Mac). The games are still locked-down (for now...).

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You probably got a disagree because the article says that Sony is converting the factory to produce chips for high definition digital cameras and smart phones.

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"having cell manufacture close to sony is very good strategy move since they are the biggest role on cell industry (ps3, and possibly psp2) will probably improve the design and quality of cell and makes ps3 cheaper."

From the article:
Sony hopes to purchase the plant and convert it to the production of chips for use in high definition digital cameras and smart phones, demand for which is expanding greatly.

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"I've never seen someone directly compare the Veyron and the McLaren F1 other than talking about their high top speeds. There's an enormous weight difference between them. I'd much rather have the F1."

Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1

Enjoy :-)

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Herzog Zwei FTW!!! That game has so much replay value, fun for hours & hours...

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On way around this type of protection is to add inaudible noise to the audio track. The Cinavia technology would be able to find the inaudible signal.

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The site says even if the movie is converted to another format the copy protection will still be in place. I don't really see that happening, but thats how they designed it. I transcode all of my HD movies (mkv):
Video is passthrough
Audio is transcoded (and downsampled) from DTS to mp4 [email protected]

"The Cinavia codes are designed to stay in the audio tracks wherever they appear, including after they are copied, converted to differ...

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GeoHot isn't planing to develop a hack or firmware for the PS3. He's just talking about the exploits that he found in Sony's/IBM security scheme. At the end he's just welcoming others to continue where he left off.

Some people might not like this guy for hacking at the PS3, but at least he's also offering security solutions that would stop his exploits from working.

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I have a launch 360 & after it RRoD I sent it to MS & they "fixed" it. It only took about 2 weeks for it to start getting graphic glitches again (the same thing happened before the RRoD). Its been a DVD player in the living room ever since (no games except Pac-Man C.E. occasionally).

I'm gonna bite the bullet & get a 360 'slim'. I'm taking advantage of the Gamestop trade-in special to get just over $10 off. MS had about 5 years to fix the...

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"Kinect doesn't lag, it's the player that lags.."

Thats's not what I saw on the Jimmy Fallon Show last night. They had a river raft kind of game demo where you jump, then your character makes the raft jump. It looked like an fun game for kids, but I did notice about lag of about 1/3 or 1/2 a second.

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