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This is gonna be sick with the HP Reverb G2 VR headset that launches this fall.

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I played zero on PC 21:9...I dont see why not

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Ordered the full kit. Most certainly an upgrade over my HTC Vive and $400 less than the Pro kit. I knew it would be pricey at launch.

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Not a fan of cut-scene fatalities. They should make them in-game engine and interactive in the next game. This would add creativity and more intent into finishing opponent off in competitive play.

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This is the best BF Ive played since BC2. Glad Dice toned down the casualness that creeped in over the years.

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I'm a 1080ti user who bought a 2080ti. Yes I can confirm you are right. Its all about owning the fastest card available.

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M/kb support will exasperate the sensitivity to frame rate more. If people were complaining about 30fps locks on console before. Just wait til they try gaming with mkb with 30fps.

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Yet they couldn't bother with open VR support. Boooo

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They weren't fans to begin with.

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MS wants you to pay up to $90 for a controller+rechargeable battery kit. That's insane.

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Wow. Id Tech engine is the S***.

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Never buying a Nintendo product from now on and will actively discourage family and friends from Nintendo.

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would you recommend I play the DLC's first?

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"The free market" is a better term. See how the media uses terms like "anarchy" to attack Valves position.

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VR has a future. Gen 2 will be wireless with eye tracking, foveated rendering and improved haptic force feedback. Its just a couple years out.

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You need a 5ghz wifi connection for it to work well. Also it's in beta so theres still bugs that may need ironed out

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Its pretty decent for it being in beta. I just got done testing it out. After i heard they were gonna release it this month I ordered a "game clip" off Amazon. They are around $10 and essentially join your phone and xbox one controller together. Took all of ten minutes to set up everything. input lag is around 35ms says the diagnostic metric bar i have toggled on..not great but not terrible either and totally playable for most games.

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Crackdown 3 and God of War in the same sentence: Best joke I've heard all week.

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Even he doesn't have an 8k display. He's just using Nvidia DSR supersampling to simulate the performance impact of an 8k resolution in-game.

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Ill probably preorder the HMD only upgrade as soon as its available. Better lenses, lighter weight, 70% higher resolution, backward and forward compatible with 2.0 lighthouses/controllers and integrated spatial audio. It simply hits every check box I'd expect for gen 1.5 Vive. I'm excited!

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