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This leak has massive consequences. Surely these types of 8 year roadmaps change every year, but this gives competition a lot to play with. FTC can't really be in trouble and at the same time MS has to be furious. Surely, this will be the topic of the hour in the next weeks, can't wait for Digital Foundry's thoughts on this.

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Go eat something mate!

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It is 83 now, and user score is 6.5. Not exactly a smash hit after all the hype. The average of those scores is 74, which is probably about right for Starfield.

Personally, I cannot be bothered with Bethesda games, they feel like they come from a factory without any creativity or vision. The best modern fallout was not even made by them. Plus their writing is just so subpar that I don't understand how you can even write so mundane and mediocre stuff at such a large comp...

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I heard 13 Sentinels has a superb story, gotto try it at one point.

I can vouch for Nier Replicant, it has one of the coolest endings I have experience in a game. Took me a while to complete the game fully, but man, it was more than worth it in the end.

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I disagree, this looks very promising.

I also respect how they put a lot of Finnish stuff in it. A studio that is so deeply rooted in one country and culture should play to their strengths and they found a very interesting artistic way to do it by having a set up in the US but based on a Finnish village/culture/settlers.

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Yeah that is 20hrs too long for me. And I'm patient.

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I'd choose Armored Core VI and BG3 for sure over Starfield's mundane task lists and empty conversations. Especially with Kojima having made Zone of the Enders, I'd presume he'd opt for AC!

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The reality is that Nagoshi-san was a Sega lifer and can be sold whatever dream by a publisher/investor, because he does not have the sense of what is real and what to believe. After being 30 years outside the talent and publisher market in one company, he clearly is out of touch of the market realities. This will not end well, and if it does, it will be a miracle.

If he pulls it off and gets a good game done from scratch without the infra nor talent and the Netease Execs w...

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There are two things PS5 is good for:
1. Playing games much earlier
2. Playing more stable releases

PC is great, but the games take 6-12 months to be fixed, and sometimes they are never fixed. If they are not properly fixed, modders would help to fix them, though.

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Apparently at Gamescom plenty of developers were complaining about the Series S being a massive bottleneck. This may skew a few companies to only release on PS5 and PC as we go deeper into the generation.

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Starfield is a disjointed Fallout & Skyrim experience with useless randomly generated places to visit, and unnecessary space combat and ship builder. It seems there are some nice stories here and there in the mix, but the game is not worth the price nor time. There are better stories and experiences out there that cost less and are more robust. If you want something new, Baldur's Gate 3 and Sea of Stars both are overall better games and have more meaningful exploration.

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Very well written review. The critiqued points can be seen in all the gameplay footage. Seems like the game just isn't written well nor is interesting or feel important to people. Just a task list to repeat the same thing again and again in new wrapping.

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The major Patch 2 is awesome! Most of the problems were fixed, and performance is also better. Just in time for the final part of the game which I landed in after 110 hrs :)

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The 100x scope is achieved by randomly generating 95% of the environments. One reviewer already said that he went to the EXACT same cave with EXACT same loot and enemy placement on a completely different planet.

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It's a semi-realistic (emphasis on semi!) military shooter. How much do you think special ops really curses in their radio comms? Well, they don't (I've been in the military using comms in missions.)They focus on the mission and let the team know what they need based on the tactical situation at hand and how to solve it the most efficient way possible.

Of course you can chat, and scream and have fun, but again, why do you need to throw profanities or racial slu...

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Oh really? The best in the industry, such as Digital Foundry, has said very similar things.

Reducing DLSS to 1440p upscaled to 4K is also factually incorrect, because it uses ultra high resolution images at 16K in the algorithm training per game, not only motion vectors. It has the data to make it look better than native. Additionally, DLSS3.5 SDK is being tested by many, and the tech looks even better than ever before, reducing artifacts and cleaning up ...

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Immortal of Aveum runs around 90-120fps at 4K DLSSQ + FG everything maxed out on 4090, including RT. And it looks equal to native 4K or better. Utilizing the latest DLSS3.5 dll file will also make it look even better.

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If you have too many games to play, just skip the too difficult for you ones, and let us who enjoy them have access to them. To me, Demon's Souls (original) Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden Ring and Sekiro are more accessible than say an easy game with plenty of tutorials and guides and whatever busy work they make you do.

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Yeah, and Ryu Ga Gotoku turn-based system is fun, Shin Megami Tensei core series as well (albeit it is probably now the niche series). OSII was even better than Baldur's gate 3 and more complex. Into the Breach and XCom 1 and 2, Wasteland games etc. are also very good. Age of Wonders 4 and Planetfall. Darkest Dungeon. Man, the list just goes on and on.

I think the turn-based system is alive and well, it just gets strange news articles written about it for no reason.

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I'm okay if my comment is aging badly. It's just an opinion and it is not important for me to be right. I would actually be happy to be proven wrong just like with the latest Zelda game (which I'm playing right now happily!), but I just have not been a fan of Bethesda's largest games. They are empty busywork.

I have nothing against Xbox brand, I'd like them to succeed because more competition is better for creativity and essentiall...

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