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The vita is amazing, My one TINY little complaint is that the X button is too close to the 2nd analog ONLY when your Laying down and playing, this is due to the adjusted way you hold the vita while laying down, otherwise its perfect

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thats all the exlcusives MS has, its like they take turns on purpose, its the same release every time.

1 year halo and a fable come out, then the next year a gears and forza comes out, sept now forza is a yearly release, its sad man, and Alan Wake im not a fan of, couldnt keep playin passed the first 4 hours. but atleast its a little different from what they keep pushin out.

for people who dont have PC I hope you get witcher 2 cuz its awesome, while not excl...

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i agree, dead island, l4d and all other zombie games out suck pretty bad, resident evil is a great series, even RE5 destroys all the other zombie games, the only one that holds a candle to RE is deadspace 2. tho its sttill not scary it was still pretty fun, just needs more enemy types and useful weapons

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halo, forza, fable, sounds like the only games xbox even has, only missing gears and alan wake lol

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would probably play a bit similar to Chris Redfield in MVC

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dont mind the valve fanboys, they are blind and far too hopeful, so much so they don't even stop to think.

on paper a valve console would be fine, but in reality it would be garbage, and one reason, Money. Sony, MS, and Nintendo are only able to stay in the console race because of their tons of money, without it they can't do crap.

Now UNESS someone backs valve like toshiba, or any of the big name companies that make a crap to...

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I agree with Grahf and you!

maybe they could make it a little mor einteractive with the story, I think Demon's souls was a bit more interactive story wise.

eitherway its an amazing game, only thing i'd change is the faces on the characters, I'd like to see more attractive charaacters besides thaat 9.9/10!

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Would Love a Cloud,Zack, Sephiroth, Terra, Kefka DLC!!! seriously that would be amazing.

Maybe even a Sora from KH2 Boss fight? gah so many possibilities with this type of dlc. awesomee idea square!

and to the haters complaining about this, stfu, go buy ur day one mass effect dlc

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10 mins? so its not worth it then right? I never liked Sazh so this is another reason for me to not get this dlc.

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its odd cuz this is super old in korea, came out like episode 4, but for US we get it pre episode 9.5 so wtf lol.

i will play this with fiance when episode 10 comes out eventually

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game is tons of fun, and the story is great and easy to follow to anyone who isn't an idiot. seriously it's not that hard to get the story, but what can we do but enjoy it our selves right?

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general kaos, plz stfu, seriously ur disgusting, ur love for nintendo is ridiculous, they are a good company but they arent god.

when i think nintendo i think mario link and zelda, maybe some fire emblem, nintendo didnt make last story its just exclusive, what ur saying is like saying that since the ps2 was awesome it made sense that games like kingdom hearts came out. seriously, they are third party games.

last story is great yes, as are other wii games but...

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its lame it is, but how bout KOF? it does it too, same with MK.

its normal dude, and its lame.

but i would pay for the old characters honestly,

but people who are buying this code are dumb because it was announced that next week he will be downloadable

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just needs a usable d-pad and internal rechargable battery like this ps3 controller, otherwise the controller is fine, oh and move that start button

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hard yet rewarding games is one thing japan is great at, also character designs and boss designs are far better, special attacks far better, japanese devs are the best at making fighting games,

and fluid animation is also their forte

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lol General Koas is a 3ds lover, he was happy when the system got price dropped a few weeks after launch, he loved it when he didnt have a game to play on it till half a year later, loves the lame 3d and loves that the 2nd analog isn't included yet.

the 3ds has some great games on the way, but i will def get it when the 3ds comes with a 2nd analog built in, or atleast wait till the add on comes out and theres more games.

def gotta get the vita tho

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no one plays this game do they.

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yeah, its good probably at the begining of the game, tho my character is a vampire and i will get it anyway just for that lol. I have 50$ of free psn money anyway haha

i have to say tho, wish this came with some awesome Vampire inspired outfits

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40 isnt a bad price, thats normal psp games, i mean come on, ps1 games were 50. u sayin that the graphics and production value of vita games isnt worth atleast the price that ps1 games were?

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im just scared they will stop dlc after they release him.

i want as much dlc as possible for this game, tons of costume pieces and characters that are missing!

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