Every man is happy until happiness is suddenly a goal


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The new layout is definitely a no go....

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I honestly can't wait for this game...it's been a long time

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At least they tried...

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The difference between what we thought this game to be and what it actually is....oh man, it's like we're being CATFISHED

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LOL..Daniel Tosh


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I have not really wanted a Nintendo product since the the early Gamecube days, but even then at like 10yrs old I opted for the PS2...the Wii and now Wii U are just nails in the coffin for me, I'd really prefer Ninty to produce a more technologically capable gaming machine on par or better than PS4, and only then would I definitely buy it...also Ninty needs to get over the whole tablet/motion control schemes and center their products around an actual gamepad...that'd be sweet

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Well to be fair there were no PS4's to be found at Walmart where I live on Thursday evening/black Friday because they were all sold out...also on black Friday there must have been at least 15 Xbox Ones available at my local Walmart and people had a choice of either buying XO's or PS3 bundles, and I saw 2 XO's get sold....now on Sunday while at Walmart again I saw about 4-5 XO's available for purchase...So when you look at it from my perspective of course XO's sold more tha...

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Too funny....this one guys comment on the vid though Lol

"Never gonna get Xbox. Never gonna buy Xbox. Never gonna like Xbox. So f you!"

That was too funny!!!

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That's me flying the Army helicopter...kid Cudi lol

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You sir receive a lifetime membership to greatness and rule over all things associated with greatness....Lol

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I'm a Sag as well Dec. 13th

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I'm mad at you for making such a foolish comment, yet having one of the best music producers/artist of the past decade's album cover as your thumbnail pic.....it's a shame really

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Driveclub has slowly but surely moved up my must have list...I want a PS4 because of this game alone

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I noticed that as well...

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I really enjoyed this interview, Shu is a really cool guy

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Cute chick in the cheetah print....

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I wonder if every game comes with PS Plus trials...

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500 games and about 10 people own one

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I don't play COD anymore, but this Mark Rubin seems like a nice guy....great interview

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Marcus Beer's logic is so twisted and distasteful it destroys any credibility I give him....ENTITLEMENT in the greatest sense of the word

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