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I can't speak for their controllers but Madcatz sticks are arguably the best. I Have a Hori RAP4 and aTE2+. The Madcatz was noticeably better right out the box.

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This game just needed a challenge mode like blazblu or trial mode like SF. I love doing those. Gives you a feel for the character. That's usually how I go about deciding who I want to main.

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I think that article needs to know that SFV is not coming to Xbox one. Lol

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A lot of people in NY have it already also. Posting a bunch of pics in Facebook SFV groups. Bragging about it. Kind of pisses me off. Damn ma n pops stores. Then they wonder why they struggling to make business. Ok I'm done venting and being salty because I can't have it yet lol

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Same here. I can't wait for my stick. Which one are you getting? I'm getting the Ryu TE2+.

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I'll admit that i felt like Laura's outfit was a little too revealing with the under-boob showing. I know there are other ones out there but that one kind of made me think a little. I got ob=ver it though, I'm in for the game play not the outfits.

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thats a lot of SF swag lol.

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If you have amazon prime its $32. I just ordered it. Ive been wanting a new fighting game for some time

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if I'm ever around a place that has a set up I will try it out.I guess it would be cool if I could just use the headset to play game or watch movies like you said. in 4k would be sweet. Already have a 60" 4k tv just waiting for more 4k things to watch on it.

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eh....more power to people who want this but in all honesty I just need a controller and a nice big screen tv with low lag input. lol

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I joined a few. But I never use them. Always forget I'm in them and when I get an alert I feel like it's spam mail lol. These would serve me better on Xbox as I don't have much friends online. But I have lots of friends on PSN to play all of my games.

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I'm really liking this. for me its Grid and dark mode. I like that the add comment part is on top instead of scrolling all the way down.

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I hope Street Fighter 5 counts.

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I highly doubt GT is loosing its thunder. I think people forget that its still the highest selling franchise on Sony. I didn't get GT6 but I had GT5 and prologue. I will be getting GT7 though.

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Whats with microsoft not releasing sales numbers? I mean sure it doesn't directly affect me, but I would still like to know if a game I'm enjoying is deserving good sales. I stopped caring about timed exclusives a long time ago. I always get both sony and microsoft systems anyway. I really like TR. theres something about it that kept me playing until the end. something I rarely do now a days. Uncharted 3 couldn't hold me enough to complete. But ill eventually get the collection fo...

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I plan on getting a new PS4 controller and XBOX1 controller. Also looking for Batman arkham knight , Forza 6, and the Uncharted collection.

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Well what does input lag mean? Because that's why I choose the vizio m series over the Samsung. I have a 60" 4K m series vizio. Input lag was 15.4 milliseconds. Lower than the Samsung. Plus price was a lot better

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Eh.....not sure I like it. Maybe I'm just so used to the original. Maybe just changing some colors and icons. Leave the layout though. Easy to find things I like when I'm skimming through quickly

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Theres no tax on PSN?!?!? I think I kind of remember. I just got the Bloborne DLC and can't remember if i paid tax or not lol.

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