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@BlackTar187 I understand the no hate sentiment. If we reward M$ for their anti consumer ways they will just stay at it, take away the boot they stop squashing stuff.

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I always like a good game of connect the dots.
1.EA American company
2.MS American company
3.Peter Moore used to work at MS
4.MS,EA and Peter More make a backdoor deal to force people to buy their low res cable box.
(1,2,3,4 Dots connected)

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@CryofSilence I know right! Any 2 year old PC that had gaming in mind when bought or built can run this game @792p smh.

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@Ovnipc one bubble reveals your troll like nature..

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@VENOMACR1227 Developers telling you your controller isn't up to their standards and needs work that's a problem.

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So the Xb1 controller has problems, anyone keeping score here?

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LOL Buy it for PC..

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@Utalkin2me totally agree but you forgot to add something. The manufacture of the TV with the Blu-Ray player bought up Dream Works, 20th Century Fox and Orion Pictures. The only way to watch movies made by the aforementioned studios is to buy the low res TV with the Blu-Ray player.

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@thunderbear couldn't agree more. With few exceptions the game coverage Media skew their articles, reviews and video coverage to their own personal bias, what company paid them and the overall opinion of the staff where they work. I think for us to take this coverage serious IGN/Gamespot/whoever needs to post criteria points for how they review games and hardware. Once posted stick to that mission statement. The flavor of the month review style is unintelligent and worthless..

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MS is just trying to find a way to be relevant as Google and Apple are leading the way in Phones and tablets. What happens when you stop and think wow with my phone and tablet i rarely use my pc. "Bam" windows is obsolete and MS is gone, "I'm lookin at you Windows 8" smh

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@zerocrossing I agree video games feel so watered down now, its so wash, rinse, repeat.. Bring back the mystery the intrigue so generic.

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@morganfell I agree I'm tired as well of the gamers win with competition argument. The console war has fragmented the Development community. As consumers we want the best deal to keep money "IN" our wallets not console makers wallet. If I have to buy two consoles just to play the games I want how am I wining as a consumer/gamer. These companys buy up all the good developers then hold them hostage making gamers pay a console ransom to play a game..

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The title says it all "tricking the xbox one". Shame a developer spends so much time finding ways to fake 1080p and 60fps and not on making more out of the game. I guess the argument the game play is all that matters goes out the window. Game play will likely suffer because so much time is spent working around XB1 limitations.

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@MorePowerOfGreen Why do you even waste your time no one is buying what your trying to sell about 180 vs 204. What diff is 204 if its in a microscopic portion? I have a diamond its .0000204 Carat, but its a diamond right?

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I can't wait to see the xbox 360/XB1 comparison of Titanfall I bet they look almost identical lol...

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@lifeisgamesok Oh thank goodness you are here to bring honesty Mr.OneBubble, here is my thought you are wrong and we all know it.

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@superbhoy don't forget the genius move by MS to buy Nokia lol, next they can buy an outdoor swimming pool in the arctic …

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Yeah they really Kinect with gamers...

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"The Xbox One is reportedly getting an 8% jump in GPU power very soon in order to more closely compete with PS4." ??? 8% I find it hard to believe that will make a huge diff.

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