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GP Core has access to over 30 different games.

Think if PS+ got rid of monthly games but instead had a bigger PS+ Collection like they used to have for PS5 gamers.

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Considering the recent departures, especially from the founder, is Striking Distance going to close next?

Saints Row was in the September PS+ lineup and look what happened to Volition...

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Very drastic change and the reaction of the voice actor is incredibly dismissive and tone deaf considering the strike that is finally ending today.

Ben Jordan and original Peter aren't people to him, they're just replaceable faces meant to make HIS performance better.

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If there's any PS5 game I would rebuy on PC - Demons Souls. Come on Sony! It feels like they're holding it back out of spite now considering the accidental PC tag in its own announcement

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Do you actually believe that Sony isn't marching to the same end game Microsoft is? They'd be insane to hamstring Sophi by limiting it to local processing.

... And you do know Sony's beating Microsoft to the punch in selling you physical hardware that is useless without an always active WiFi connection in the Portal.

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Crow will never play the game but you will spot him in every article complaining about it

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You can only flip parts, you can't rotate them or even flip them in quarter increments.

Why can this rectangular cargo expansion only pin to a left or right side? Why can't this long rectangular cargo expansion rotate to be a wide rectangular cargo expansion?

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@Lighter ohh yes. I got survey data from over half of the Eridani system's planets and moons - Vladimir gave me over 6700 credits for just one alone. You have to converse with him first about Artifacts before selling to him becomes an option.

He ran out of money before I even sold half of the survey data. It was a long journey trying to find the Solar Storm Season evidence in the system but very fruitful at the end - 9000c just for that discovery alone plus all that dat...

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It's also amazing how persistently bitter others are that people enjoy this game.

Really shows the difference between gamers who care about having fun and those who care about petty tribalism.

I just hit 40 hours playtime, and I couldn't be having a better time despite having a similar struggle upgrading my ship. At level 22 I've spent my last 3 skill points on Ship-related Skills (quicker turns, higher shield capacity, next up is access to im...

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With Aspyr handling the rereleases, what exactly would these CD marketing people be doing with no game release scheduled for any time soon? More yoga sessions on Twitch?

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@Vengeance Somehow you have an even worse take than Catbro. RDR2, Elden Ring, and Baldur's Gate 3 can each take turns saying how many people think that title is a GOAT.

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By the time you became a fan with the PC versions of those games they would've already been spoiled by having released in 2018 and 2020 originally... another contradiction

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I'm glad they didn't actually make an MK9 for the Switch. 8 was so solid and didn't get the appreciation it deserved, now it's reached like 5-6x the amount of players it ever could have and has grown to be almost like a repository for the best maps the franchise has put out.

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It was during 2021 I want to say. It was actually a good year for their output and they had chip priority over Sony.

But once supply caught up for Sony the demand for Xbox went down since MS went on a content drought after Halo Infinite.

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Madden being #1 for the month and #6 for the year says a lot considering how Armored Core was #2 for the month and is #20 for the year.

... A great big sigh and ugh

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"that money could have been put to more useful things"

Ahh see, that's leftover F-U money from when they bragged about the game being profitable already a day before they released the most broken AAA title in modern history.

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They deliberately screwed over their console fans, issued their totally-genuine apologies, and now that they're riding the goodwill train again with Overdrive RT and a current-gen exclusive Expansion with another hot actor, they're trying to rewrite the story around how that initial release was received.

I don't trust them either. They've already said any RED Engine and Cyberpunk work after this will be maintenance only too.

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You should be banned [again?] for spam on all your accounts.

PS5 does support HDMI 2.1, it's part of the advertised specs; it just doesn't support its max bandwidth. It would not be able to output at 4K120hz at all if it was not. Stop trying to spread fake news. Take your Xbox grievances out in articles related to Xbox.

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Dude has two accounts so he can say the same petty useless points about PS5's HDMI capabilities.

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When it switched to Spider Peter, seeing him do the crunches reminded me of GTA V and the switch usually lead into the new character doing something casual, without the obvious loading!

I wonder if we'll be able to upgrade the web wings. Faster with web propulsion

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