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im officially done with sony, what a backstabbing move this is they could of at least released a psvita version im so done i really was looking forward for this game on the psvita smh... bought all playstation platforms on day one when each of them released including the psvita.

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im done with sony, i was a huge fan, preordered the ps2, PS3 (i still have my backwards compatible), the vita with gravity rush and all. and now all we get on ps+ for the vita is crap rpgs and indies smh....

selling everything from sony now.

microsoft looks like is going to conquer everything since they are incorporating the pc with the xbone. fyi i've never owned an xbox in my life.

disagree all you want kids i could care less. its the t...

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its underground 3.


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just more anti modding propaganda.

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like it or not there will ALWAYS be modding.

these greedy scum corporations are too mad they cant make money out of modding.

go ahead start banning people, people will make their own servers and games.

theres always a way.

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thats a cool story rockstar.

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ITS GRAVITY RUSH 2!!!!!!!!!!

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wow if sony takes this game away from the vita im done with them, its just a huge slap to the vita consumers, i've waited too long for GR2, this would make me really mad, mad enough to sell all my sony related products from my life.....im not joking, we vita consumers need games like this really bad, most of us dont like indies. bought the vita on release day btw...

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they are working on DRM thats why. hate to say it Rockstar, many have tried and they get their stuff hacked on day one, they should just put the game on steam and/or origin and call it a day.

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why u say that? hackers? GreenUp pls, we'll probably get dedicated servers with admins/mods and stuff.

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no Gravity Rush 2? WTF...

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no sony, i wont buy a PS4, all i want is games for this amazing handheld.

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let the community create their own themes and we are set!

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indie games and ports dont count, the vita needs games like gravity rush.

i even preordered the vita when it had been announced and Gravity Rush was the first game i bought with it, i find it tragic that sony is treating such an amazing device this way, it has tons of potential. :(

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buy a vita and play it, the experience is worth it. no need to lose an exclusive from a console in such a delicate state.

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and then they complain when the community hacks their consoles, they bring it onto themselves with such intolerable actions, instead of giving people something worth paying for. im like this from selling my vita, Gravity Rush 2 will define my Vita's fate.

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NO!!! keep Gravity Rush as exclusive! !! dammit Sony the heck you doing??? Gravity Rush is/was one (if not) the best selling vita game! GR2 would sure as hell sell more vitas, the PS4 has the exclusives it needs already wtf. ...

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and then they cry when the vita gets hacked? if sony doesnt show love to the vita the hackers will.

just bought ratchet and clank and sly cooper collection. they are awesome, the vita has potential. at least drop all PS2 games on it..... those were real games, almost no multiplayer crap and DLC crap..

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never go full retard, ever.

the guy who made the video has the game all maxed out but has the draw distance set to 0 and pedestrian/car density set to 0 in most of the video,imagine making that video with taxis and stuff getting in the way....

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sure, with those microscopic amounts of VRAM...... /S

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