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“Like how the original Gears of War was a visual showcase for the Xbox 360, Gears of War 4 will be a graphical showcase for the Xbox One.”

Yeah but, this is not the original team it may have some of the original members.

This is not last gen anymore, this time there are more better engines out there that are better than ue4.

Plus this is coalitions first actual game besides the ultimate edition. Which means i doubt I'll get to 1080/60f...

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Why is ubisoft worried?

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this games only like 12+gb, they either compressed it well or it lacks content

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Its that time again... hmmm which game should i uninstall....

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im getting it day 1 too!

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They need to invest more money into these servers

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Hand solo too?

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Im max prestige in black ops 3 which means i have played it alot, and i havent ever encountered loud people or annoying little kids who have f**ked my mom.

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Ik what a cry baby with sucidal thoughts after losing one game!

And a bad sportsmanship

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I want toruk and thief reboots

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Most Reviews are good im going to consider getting it's

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Still have to play the handsome edition

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Something like witcher 3 season pass or dying light season pass is better than all of ubisoft/EA/activision season passes

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Do you guys think this will be the last portable console sony makes? I dont think sony is supporting it with first party games and extra storage is ripping everyone off

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Those 3 million players might be trying out the game. Hopefully some of them will buy dying light and support these awesome polish developers!

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Scholar of the first sin is my first souls game and i have beaten 7 bosses so far and rage quit so hard after falling into a hole under an wooden elevator and havent played it for 7 months. Does this game still have hollowing? The thing that reduces your health meter everytime you die.

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They are smart like me =D

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Didnt her husband say [email protected]#k every game with micro transactions? i bet you hes jumping around in joy rn.

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Obviously... More ps4 units sold will always mean more games will be sold on that platform.

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[email protected]$k tards

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