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Funny how everyone uses that word so freely but the only time I hear it is on Xbox live where you’re safe... but carry on

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Same. I have one and I used it for health regeneration. But I want another one for attack boost. Good luck my fellow charge blade users. Diablos Tyrannis II for life

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You have to look at install base with these numbers too...

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Yeah I have so many Xbox friends that would've bought it had it come out for the One. Capcom did it to themselves.

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People are still defending this game. Hilarious...and ironic. Standing uovfir devs who didn't stand by their word. If he duped you out of 60 bucks then just hold that L. It's happened to us all. Just not on this scale lol.

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Well that was a waste of my time. It can do things like stand up ,HDR (with no HDR games as of yet) exclusives... Well ummm Microsoft has those too, and stream games...smh Xbox doesn't need to stream them when you can play the original versions free of charge. I thought we covered these things already. Hopefully I save a few of y'all some clicks. I fell for the bait already. They both do pretty much the same things at this point.

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I agree @Zero...now sure fire games that I know I'LL like regardless of reviews (forza horizon 3, gears 4) I have/had pre ordered. New IP's though? Yeah...I'll wait.

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I agree Cobra951 but damn...the hype was real.

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Yep they hurt the pockets of gamers. Now they need to give some of that money back. Can't knock the hustle though. I always felt like something wasn't adding up in this game and waited to hear reviews from journalists and gamers. My judgement served me correctly.

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The irony of people saying there isn't a reason to own an x1 when it outsold the ps4 the last 2 months. Some people just aren't pc gamers. Thats reason enough.

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I was really wanting to trade in my ps4 for a pro but after that conference...idk. I think i'll just upgrade the x1 to scorpio instead. No slims either. Guess I'll wait till next year for a new console

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Not because of the 6 tf. but because it's native 4k not upscaled. 4k bluray support as well. (May not be a big deal to the gamers on this site but only 31% of the gaming population have the internet capability to stream in 4k. A lot of casual gamers see this as a big plus...so does mom and dad)

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Reading these comments, I'm trying to figure out how people are defending Sean Murray. HE.LIED. Point blank period. We didn't hype ourselves up. We were lied to. We didn't imagine things in our heads and ran with them. We were lied to. Whether you enjoy this type of game or not, don't defend the lies we were told. You're setting a precedent that we don't need in gaming.

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Well 90% of the people who HAVE played it don't play it now. I mean he's definitely not alone

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Lmao this ^^^^^

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Day 1

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Thats called removing. He literally showed videos of the man doing things in game that are not in the current build.

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Man I'm so glad I didn't fall for the hype. Geez I didn't even remember all those features were promised before watching this video. Sell it for 30.

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Definitely more Dark souls but more complicated. For example he has three stances to choose from and each affects his offensive/defensive capabilities. Steeper learning curve than dark souls imo. This game is definitely an acquired taste. The verdict is still out for me.

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Please people. Stop buying remasters!!!! You want the game so bad then buy the original version. Let's force these devs to innovate or die.

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