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I'm aware the devs didn't make any such comment themselves and I certainly would have liked to see them not brought into the discussion if they've done nothing wrong~

Who cares though?~ They're outraged at transphobia, the OP was outraged over their outrage, and you're outraged people might take your tits away. It's an outrage party! Let the snow-flakes fall and we shall make angels at ground zero as Rome burns because people...

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I agree~ If your opinion is a group of people should be hated, discriminated against and aren't valid due to something beyond their control like gender or race--you're just a bad person. This person in the article voiced their opinion and those close to her now face the social consequences. I don't believe the devs themselves to be transphobic, and I don't feel smashing people on social media is the right course of action, but I understand the anxiety of those who feel it'...

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Smaller devs can't survive "cancel culture" like EA or Ubisoft. If bad press gets out it can kill the studio and any hype for the project. I'm not sure how the devs were brought into the discussion other than being linked to the person making the original comments in a non-professional capacity.

I'll go ahead and say "cancel culture" is a joke and changes nothing. Transphobia, however, is not a joke and shouldn't be taken lightly--bu...

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I'll remember this criticism when devs remove a woman's cleavage from their design and there's "outrage"~

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The game is wall to wall pop-culture references and memes, but it doesn't seem to strike people as clever. It has nothing to say about the meme's or the culture it exists in, they just pumped it full of those things because the "kids will recognize them". It comes off as "Not another FPS game: The Movie" A game like this could have had a lot of interesting things to say or even have been a parody if it tried, and some are disappointed it didn't. Not every g...

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I don't think the devs themselves lack ambition. It's just the AAA environment makes it impossible. The AAA industry isn't about creativity, it's about meeting market expectation, and squeezing every dollar they can out of someone to make shareholders happy. I could be the most ambitious dev on earth at Epic right now, itching to create the ultimate Gears of War with insane set pieces, a powerful story, brilliant characters, and gaming innovations that will change the indus...

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She did. Since 2016 till only recently (before the role queue update). You have to dive through waste to find gems eventually it's not worth it anymore and you just leave. I honestly feel more people should just pick up and leave. Once the majority of players leave maybe it would spur the devs to keep children playing nice in their playground, and give players more tools to deal with that sort of nonsense behavior.

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Except game-play is altered to accommodate and incentivize the micro-transactions. Developers will slow progression to a crawl and elongate the time between rewards to ensure micro-transactions remain enticing. Before it might have taken you a few hours of play to unlock a skin, but now it takes a few hours to unlock a coin--and you need 10 to get the skin without real world money. Proof of this can be found in EA's battlefront 2. The gameplay was so hinged on the real money store, the...

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I never got the chance to play vanilla World of Warcraft when it released. About a year ago I jumped into a private server to see what all the praise was about and, honestly, I found the praise warranted. It was a very different game back then and, for new players, I think that's part of the allure--it's a bit of a time capsule. Honestly, though I feel ActivisionBlizzard HAD to do this or they wouldn't have had a legal leg to stand on against private servers concerning how U.S ...

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There's a difference between sitting a student down with "Mary had a Little Lamb" and learning a few scales, versus sitting down with "Flight of the Bumble-Bee". You start with one and move up to the other and people get what they want from playing the instrument since their personal enjoyment affects nobody else.

If a person wants to play the game on an easier mode it doesn't affect me in the slightest so why should it bother anyone else? Ar...

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It's a very dangerous false equivalency you're suggesting. Sure, 15,876 games but how many are worth my time or money? How many are even in the genre I'd like to play? How many of those are just asset flips, clones of other games, or straight up alpha's doomed to remain unfinished?

It's never the volume of games but factors involving platform and intrinsic interests which define if we deem something worth playing. It's like saying you have two Ps...

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Okay~ I went ahead and watched Jax's ending--and? I mean I'm probably missing some pieces of the puzzle given I don't have the game and can't play the character from start to finish but -shrug- didn't seem a big deal to me someone wishes a wish like that.

The character designer stated they wanted Kombat to be "more realistic" when it came to their women design. In all fairness I don't feel you really need a excuse to desexualize your ch...

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Forgive the ignorance, but what about the game is SJW pandering? I hear about the grind issues, the micro-transactions and yeah those are in your face and awful, but what about the game panders to social justice warriors?

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I'm not a fan of the new characters, what they did to Charlotte, or them bringing in the sudden death quick slash from Samurai Spirits V Special--however, I am so tired of combo based fighters I'll look into this. I'm also not a fan of a "season pass" already being announced >.< It's so damn hard to like fighting games these days and find decent sorts. -_-

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Sit down, Ben. The buck stops with the boss. It wasn't your choice to gut your single player experience and try to make it fit a GaaS system. I want Andrew Wilson's greasy, rich AF ass to walk out on stage and apologize to you and your team for forcing you into a win-less situation, and a promise he'll never do it again. Andrew demanded Rome be built in a day, how can people get mad at the workers for not making that happen? I know you want your feasts and orgies people, but ...

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Right? It's frustrating. I mean MK11 just announced Shang Tsung as a DLC character before even finishing revealing the in game roster.

Season passes are the bane of the fighting game genre. What am I supposed to do? Be ripped off another full game in order to stay competitive or wait a year for a "complete" edition and start then?

Also as much as Samurai Spirits pulled me into fighting games in the mid-90's the game looks like Street ...

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It's the age we live in. The studio was bought out by a "AAA" company and part of that means an increased chance of "AAA" tactics. Special Editions, season passes, dlc, and microtransactions are all a real possibility and you only have to look at "We Happy Few" as example. Gearbox acquired the team behind the game and in not time jumped the $40 price to $60 and announced a "collectors edition". The "AAA" market place just can't hel...

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I kinda love how people saw the image attached to the piece and automatically assumed they mean changing Kratos's gender, instead of introducing a new character to play as--which is a possibility with any franchise. I understand people get attached to characters and they want to see them again, and again, and again, and again until they're begging for a new IP already, but I certainly don't see the harm in the series going in this direction. The series is called "God of War&...

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Okay Robert. Thanks for the attempt. I understand using "Queer" as an umbrella term for any and all LGBTQ--but that's not the correct use of the term.

Also: "Transgender" is an adjective--It's not a noun or a verb. It's not "Transgendered Characters" it's "Transgender characters" Ditch the "-ed" in future works.

Also I fear you don't have a real grip on the LGBTQ area and might even ...

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If you want to look at the less cynical and critical side: It would probably be too involved and too expensive to upgrade the character models to look good in HD.

In FF7 the models were limited to the bestiary and the main characters--simple enough to fix with improved textures.

In Final Fantasy 9 the models are much more advanced and correctly shaped to communicate clothing and the like--again you just need to give a solid texture improvement.

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