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I have a serious question? How come every time a PS exclusive gets a a low score it's always some kind of conspiracy? When that happens on another console it's completely different. Someone please explain this to me please I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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I feel like the numbers are down because of the smart TVs that are on the market

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Hmmmmm I wonder what the majority of the comments would say if Sony had the better updates. I really ponder the thought. I think I have a really good idea.

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I rarely comment on this site it's just funny to watch fanboys on both sides argue like little kids. But..... I PROMISE u if the shoe was on the other foot it would be troll central. OK that's all I gotta say

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Yeah and it matters now because PS4 is the one with the higher resolution. It's like the fanboys roles has reverse. Last gen it was the sony fanboys saying the minor details didn't matter because 360 had better multi platform games. Now it's the other way around

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Lol I swear I can predict when articles come from dualshockers. They have been so pro Sony lately it's starting to become an embarrassment.

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I need this game.....

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This will be the game followed by the Order that will finally push me to get my ps4. I loved the previous ones.

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That's my point exactly. We know that the ps4 is more powerful than the xbox one, but must we see an article EVERYDAY about it? I mean seriously?

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There definitely some kind of agenda against the xbox one. How come all of these "insiders" are leaking things about only the Xbox? Where's the leaks for the ps4? How about the Wii U? Honestly this is getting exhausting. It like the same articles everyday on this site.

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Nope according to the folks on this site all you need is 1080p/60fps.

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Their public image is in disarray, yet the just posted record numbers in revenue. Yup makes sense.

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well to me graphics are very important, BUT some of my favorite games of all time were from 3 generations ago. I'm sure if I go pop some of those games in right now I would go man that is ugly. The thing is though, that is not going to change the fact that those are still some of my favorite games of all time. I just think it is sad where we are heading as gamers in this day in age. The first questions are not how does is the gameplay? What story are we telling? How dumb is the AI? ...

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This reminds me of when madden was running 30fps on ps3 and 360 was at 60 fps. We all I know what happened after that. I just think the xbone drivers are still a tad behind schedule.

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Smh... Again, nobody is talking about how fun this game is (it's incredible!) but instead talking about what the resolution is going to be at. Pathetic......

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Downloading mine right damn now! Man I'm so hype for this. 63% and counting

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Looks like we are playing the numbers game AGAIN.... SMFH....

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Yeah and the original xbox was more powerful than the ps2. Again, how did that work out for Microsoft?

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But see that's what i'm saying, why should it matter if Kinect (or motion controls) can produce solid core games. I mean it would be nice if we can get AAA core titles with motion controls, but if it only produces solid casual games then me personally i'm fine with that.

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I have a serious question. What's the issue with casual games? I love core games as much as the next man, but seriously who hasn't had fun with at least one casual game? Maybe I am just speaking on my behalf, but I have had HOURS of fun with casual games. Me personally I don't care if it's a casual games or core games, games are games PERIOD.

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