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Man...triggered much? Those games that are on the PC have long passed their self life on the PS5. Allowing PS games on the PC years later allows for more money to circulate into the PS brand. Having launch titles day 1 on PC/SX is further writing on the wall that MS will be making their departure from the console market, as there's no need for an XB anymore.

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It's so ironic when XBers bring up how much money MS has, what Sony can't afford, etc. while the XB community is universally known for NOT buying anything. It's like the kid that has rich parents, but they didn't grow up to be shit. Perhaps the broke guy who brags about how much money their buddy has. In any case, Sony has enough to keep chirning out hit after hit. You don't need to afford a whole company when you're talented enough to make the wealther competition fee...

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The difference is that Insomniac, Santa Monica, and Sucker Punch were already developing for Sony by choice. Perhaps you missed the thank that Sony received from the Deathloop team even after the acquisition. That indicates that Sony was assisting them throughout the development process. This is proving true with other 3rd party devs as well. What does MS assist with? They have a history of mismanagement before inevitable closures.

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Question: If MS didn't buy Bethesda and Zenimax, wouldn't these "great" games be on PS as well? The difference is Sony develops great games in house, while MS buys titles taking credit for their creation. The delusion is real.

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I'm not even sure what that means, but the sky's the limit, champ.

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This year is too stacked to call it.

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Have you ever seen any of ACG reviews on YT? He his VERY thorough and unbiased. He did just rate it as a definite buy. Given that I just played FW for the Plat and am experiencing openworld fatigue, I am now considering it. ACG:"Hogwarts is a 50+ hour game, never once making me feel fatigued." Check him out.

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Man....I was considering making Forspoken my next platinum, but I just platinumed FW, which has caused fatigue to set in. What I've played of it was fun, though, damn the reviews. Hogwarts, unfortunately, will only be considered as a deep sale with Like a Dragon, Atomic Hearts, PSVR 2, and Wo Long coming out. This is following Dead Space, Forspoken, and Monster Hunter:Rise. It is shaping up to be one of the best years in gaming. Hope you enjoy Hogwarts.

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Am I to assume that you're from another country? The controller is only $200. Concerning the XB controller, I'd expect 30 hours from a controller that adds absolutely nothing different from the previous generation. 5-6 hours is plenty of time to get it to a charger. I'll never understand why one would need 30-40 hours for a controller that's placed on the charger every night. It just seems like people don't have enough discipline to charge their controllers responsibly.

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The battery isn't even noticeable tbh. When you're playing with it, your mind is focused on how responsive the controller is. Every game you play it manages to provide a more convenient setup to make the experience more seamless. I can't find any real drawback, as my gaming setup allows for charging to take place at any point. The price is standard in the Pro Controller market, so there are no complaints there either. All those complaining are doing so to justify the fact that the...

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It's getting to the point where you realize that there's something disconnected. A hard drive full of glitch away from total shutdown. Boot sectors devoid of any contingent data, only thing that remains are fragmented remnants of misinformation.

Delusion is emanate, captain!!!! Someone, please Control Alt. Delete him before he begins commenting again, we have to salvage any chance left to save humanity. We were too late, captain. Before we knew it, he...

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There are many factors that would land Fallen Order in the souls category. That was my take on its presentation as well. It was like a souls game with the Star Wars license.

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It's crazy that those who are actually playing it have a different take than all those not playing it. An attempt to disrupt enjoyment from outside the house, it would seem.

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I mean, I definitely play games as well, but why is 5-8 hours not enough time for your controller to be placed on a charger? I'm not understanding where the inconvenience is. To each their own, it doesn't take away from those who purchased it what those who didn't think.

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I started playing it last night, and it is pretty good.

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I absolutely love this thing. It's crazy that everyone is crying about battery life when it's rechargeable. I'd understand all the complaints more if the battery wasn't rechargeable. What is everyone doing to need so much battery life? Did you even buy it to see for yourself?

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Nice try Orchard, it outperformed Forspoken on PC, NOT PS5.

Furthermore, that means that it has been selling on PC, not XB. Always trying to spin narratives to diminish the impact that PS has. It's crazy because it's like you refuse to just face the reality that Sony is a major factor in the gaming industry. Please tell me you...

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Exactly, I don't use GP at all, but I buy everything I want to play on XB.

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Bro, since when is the XB community known for buying anything? The author sounds like a battered wife trying to convince her family that her husband is getting better. He's just going through something right now. Just wait is the theme here. Though Sony outpacing XB is not a new narrative. Elden Ring, COD, Destiny, GTA, and the list goes on. Let's not pretend that this is not the norm.

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