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Same for me. I loved both WD games so far and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

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Pretty cool. Reminds me of Doom on PC back in the day, with better graphics of course.

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Lol, you can’t be more naive can you? I hate the RE games but I’ve been gaming for 30 years but I guess I’m not a gamer since, well, you determine what a gamer is by one game. Yep, you’re a genius!

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“Too” not “to”. Too chicken, not to chicken.

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This is how I see it as the best option for me also, though the subs may take my attention away from the screen. If so I’ll just have to switch if possible, if not I’ll know within the first few minutes and just restart and change it there. I’ve been waiting for this game since the reveal trailer and it’s finally upon us!

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So did I. I remember the first time I used voice command, it was a SoCom game and I was amazed. I love tactical shooters vs the run and gun CoD and Battlefield. I prefer Ghost Recon type games and sadly, those have taken a back seat from what I know.

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Same here, I want an Xbox but the only games that interest me are Gears and Halo. I believe those are worn out tho so I tend to stick to PS. I was a huge MS fan with the OG and 360, then I bought a PS3 and end of story for me. Not saying their exclusives are better but they do have more. For a gamer, IMO, more exclusives will get my money especially with Sony’s track record of excellent games. Now if those exclusives sucked then I’d tell a different story, but as of now Sony gets my cash

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This is amazing for me. I’ve always wanted to play the Bioshock games, give Sims a try and Firewall. This is an amazing month IMO

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Same here, I’ll just go through the PS4/5 library of games I didn’t have time to play. There will be hundreds of games that I won’t have time to play but would be able to purchase really cheap and just play some good ole SP gaming for years.

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Yep, I don’t know why other people expected it not to be. I mean, it’s a streaming box and controller! It ALL depends on connectivity from one location. Also, people have different internet connections and data that will contribute to the results of this hardware. Just not possible to achieve 4K guarantee to all people who buy this. So many factors.

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This looks right up my ally. Im definitely gonna check this out. Single Player all the way!

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I’m a huge Watch Dogs fan and I’m looking forward to this. I know the pass two were mixed amongst the gaming community but I’ve always enjoyed them. I loved the hacking and way to use the environment to assist in escaping. Open world with a different approach to gaming. I’m looking forward to this one and will definitely buy it day one.

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Well, speaking for myself, I don’t need any hype. The PS brand is all the hype I need. I find out they’re making a new console and....SOLD!

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Haha! I saw that too and just scrolled to see which platform this would be on. Didn’t read a single word

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Same for me. A good story, lots of beautiful territory to explore and the possibility of a threat throughout the game. I don’t want constant action around every turn.

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Agreed 100%! Once I saw “next slide” I backed out. Too bad they got the one click from me tbo

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Well, tbh, if it was free on PS I’d download it. Play the single player and dive in to the Mp for a bit then say bye. I’m not a MP fan anyways so I’d beat the game for free lol.

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I disagree. I don’t care what Xbox has to offer concerning power or any other media for their console. All I care about are games, period. Power schmower, I want games and Sony has proven for two generations in a row now they are masters at their craft. PS5 Sold, to Supes_24!

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Well I was interested in the game before this and I’m buying it regardless of what character or ethnic bs she portrays. I play games for fun, that’s it. Period

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Good, I hate Facebook

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