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Anyone with any idea of what they should be expecting for the PS4, given the absolute need of an affordable entry pricepoint in the market, would think the ps4 is indeed a very powerfull machine. Compare it to a 1000$ GTX Titan then sure its weak but you would be an absolute idiot for expecting anything like that, and sony would be absolute idiots for doing anything like that.

Fact of the matter is PS4 will perform better then the vast majority of PCs...

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@ vulcanproject

"Even if you are EXTREMELY generous and say that the game can be optimised further being on a fixed platform by say 30 percent and that is really, really generous for a game designed for PC in the first might be able to make the game run 45FPS minimum framerate on PS4's hardware."

30% is really really generous? That is not generous at all. PC veteran John Carmack said himself you can get about twice the performance o...

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I think it was all real time but some of it obviously werent gameplay. The graphics was consistent so i dont think they add any effects for cutscenes

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Im so sick and tired of hearing people speak about the entire 1080p60fps thing when they clearly have no clue what they are talking about. Ofcourse WiiU can do 1080p60fps, in theory so can a ps2 or a 20 year old pc for that matter.

The concept is really simple. rendering at 60fps means you have to render images twice as fast as rendering at 30 fps which just simply means you can cram more things and better visuals into a game running at 30fps then a game running at 60fps.THIS...

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@ jimbob

No i doesnt. Many sequels lose demand if they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Works for the first two maybe three games, then it goes downhill. This hasnt happend with COD so far.

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You dont have to worry about getting your hopes up. There is absolutely no way Feb 20th is not the PS4 announcement

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Actually more powerfull hardware will in alot of cases simplify game production. A good example is global lightning which means developers wont have to spend alot of time prebaking lightning into the scenes. It all happens dynamically. Then you have stuff like physics based animations that we are already seeing in some games and will improve alot nextgen. I think a key word for nextgen would be making things dynamic. Its going to make things alot easier for developers but it also requires a s...

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The major issue will always be latency, nomatter how good connection you have there is always a fixed time it takes to travel from one physical location to another. The only solution to this will be to have game servers all over the world, close enough to consumers so that everyone will get less then a certain very small latency.

That will cost alot of money to invest in and im definately not certain it will pay off. Certainly its still a long time til we get a service that w...

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Ipad 3 is not even as powerful as the Vita. There is no way it could outperform the consoles.

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Its true that PC hardware is always more powerfull then console hardware. After all console hardware is pc hardware and they never use the most advanced hardware because that would cost to much

However try use a 6 years old top of the line PC and play some modern games. The PC will struggle running the game at all and will look nowhere near as good as the console version. Console hardware can perform atleast twice as good as similar pc hardware so on a graphical level the sta...

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But gaming is the place where sony is actually making money. It is not the place where sony should be cutting its losses

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Wii motion plus is not exactly 1:1. It does not measure its exact position in 3D space while the playstation move does.

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Actually the GTX 680 has roughly 20 times as many transistors and a higher clockrate than the RSX so its quite abit faster then that.

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Its kind of unlikely that it is anything else then Uncharted 4 though. I guess theoretically it could be a sequel to golden abyss but this is a naughty dog competition so im pretty sure its naughty dog making the game.

Naughty dogs next uncharted, thats uncharted 4.

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Edge scores are totally unrelaible. You could say they use the whole 1-10 scale but that doesnt explain why they often score mediocre games as high or higher then really good games.

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Thats because no games on PC is even close to being a next generation game. If they add less then 4GB of ram then it will severly limit the capabilities of the consoles. Even this generation of consoles would benefit greatly from having 1GB of ram and somehow you suggest doubling that would be sufficient for next generation of consoles.

If next gen consoles are roughly 10 times as powerful as this generation then developers can put 10 times higher resolution textures in the ...

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lol, first of all unless you own a radeon 7970 you will struggle even running the launch games for the next generation consoles.

And more importantly there are no games being made with next generation visuals and wont be until next generation consoles come out. Buying a PC will not give you a next generation experience. Not even close.

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Oh god at first glance i thought it stood "Why you shouldnt be excited about The Last of Us". Probably only a matter of time before we get an article with that headline though along with a "10 reasons the last of us will suck"

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Sadly only amazing developers like Naughty Dog manage to pull of these kinds of graphics. We may not need new consoles yet but in 2 years its about time.

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It still doesnt cost more then 275$ for Vita + a memory card and thats way cheaper then anyone expected before the price of the hardware was announced.

Memory cards are expensive yes, but overall i still think its a great price and i will support it day one.

The less people that buy Vita at launch the less support it will get later on from developers which is a loss for everyone imo.

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