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Absolutely horrible.

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Nope, since the PS4 Pro upscalaing is cool again as long as you call it checkerboard :D

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lmao :D

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If this is release title for Scorpio MS can take my money already.

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If they announced it just to undermine the the announcement of the PS4 then it worked.

Can't say the PS4 pro received a great reception.

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I feel like they got a confidence boost ever since Sony revealed the Pro.

They were probably like "That's it ... ?"

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But he is right on this one though.

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"The demand for Ps4 Pro is already looking far higher than it was for the Xbone slim according to best sellers charts"


Where them charts at ?

And yeah ... nobody's been buying PS4's because of the slim rumours ... after seeing that ugly design Im sure original PS4 sales are going to pick up again /s

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They're probably scared the specs sound ridiculous compared to Scorpio.

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Basically either you give your money to MS thrugh Xbox either you give them their money through Windows 10.

At the end of the they win one way or another.

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Look how many customers MS snatched with the 360 though PS2 had 120 million install and Xbox around 25 million.

Having a huge install base doesn't mean anything when you launch new consoles. Everything is reset to zero.

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"It’s not the be-all, end-all of the gaming experience."

So now it's no big deal ? They sure were making it one hell of a deal last gen and this one.

Sounds like Nintendo'so response when asked about specs.

Edit: wasn't meant as a reply

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Games like FIFA never get mentioned in these kind of lists even though they deserve it.

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How ..? He works for Hello Games not MS

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In that case why not just sell it for 30$ (I mean at the end of te day it's not even half a game) and sell the rest as DLC so that you get the full game for 60$.

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And MS were very smart with Minecraft too. 6th best selling in AU and 2nd best in NZ.

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