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Pedo's gotta stick together.

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Gamestop is dying and they are dumping money like it's nothing. I honestly really like the design of that store, reminds me of a few mom&pop shops that used to be in my town but I really don't think it will help them.

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I have not heard many good things about this game. Map - terrible, frame rate - terrible, local coop - nearly unplayable, SJW censoring - terrible. Not sounding good for this game.

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I'm honestly still shocked they didn't take advantage of the Nier Automata hype and remaster this. This game is so fantastic and I personally like it so much more than Automata. I still remember when my fellow Gamestop employees were making fun on me for buying this "shitty" $20 new game (it released at $20 originally) two hours after signing the game out to try, forced them to play it and they ended up eating crow and loving it. Can't wait for a third Nier title!

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RIP pre-order numbers. Kidding, the game still should be great.

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It sounded fine.

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To be fair, it's not hard to be a mega hit for an anticipated title when they either give out a couple weeks free or the current promotion was two months of Games Pass Ultimate for $2. It's a great game though and deserves the praise it is getting. Had a horrendous start but they seemed to get it all settled pretty fast (the entire weekend but eh what can ya do)

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Did you expect nobody to die in a game that is set in the middle of a brutal war?

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Welcome to the bad side of digital sales and the exact reason why a digital only future is unacceptable.

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Fortnite is absolute garbage and can't even hold a candle to older titles from Epic Games. They went from making a very nice steak dinner to delivering dog crap on a paper plate.

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Fitting that a former Epic Games franchise would take down a current Epic Games franchise. It's also a loud announcement to how sad and pathetic Epic has become and isn't even a shell of their former selves. Gears 5 is great and it deserves the attention, even now that the incredibly broken servers at launch have been fixed for the most part.

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The story was fine and fun. It wasn't trying to be anything more than what it was and that's perfectly okay.

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Yeah but after Ultimate, Smash is going to need to take a long break and Nintendo is going to have to do a massive campaign to get that through the mainstream players heads because I don't expect a lot of people to really understand this.

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There were a few times in the game where me and Jesse said the same thing at the same time, that was definitely one of the times. Also after the maze too, which hands down an amazing segment of a game.

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Same but this trailer is not very reassuring. Hopefully gameplay looks different and like it's a horror game.

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The game released in a highly broken state, nobody is blowing these bugs out of proportion. In fact it's alarming how little this has been covered when other games would have and in fact have been dragged through the streets and crucified for also releasing completely broken.

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The game is very much broken. Check point bug, infinite loading screens, being kicked from single player, mp matches erroring out, people buying the ridiculously priced MTs and not getting the items they paid for, the servers have been down the majority of the time since it released and EVERYTHING is tied to the servers including the single player, enemies not loading into the game, AI allies just stop responding, collectables and components not registering. There is probably more game breaki...

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Interesting how media sites aren't talking about how completely broken and almost unplayable this game is. The sandbox areas could go though, they aren't fun and just make unnecessary filler to pad out the game. I like Jack being a big focus than I thought I was going to.

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Oblivion would be nice, Morrowind too.

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I haven't believed anything they said since they lied through the entire marketing of Mass Effect 3 and then released a bad game.

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