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Then why does it still look like a PS4 game?

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Ain't nothing gangster about Dutch people LOL they just run a bunch of prostitutes but yah London is fine though.....

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Why what's wrong with Tekken 7?

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How so? Tekken 8 is a current gen only game.

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So sick of cross gen......

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Kimberly 🥰🥰🥰

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Tekken is superior to Soul Calibur

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Sorry but this STILL doesn't look like a PS5 Game....It looks almost identical to TLOU 2 (PS4) and in some spots it actually looks worse.

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Wait so you're telling me the PS5 can't even get games to look better at 4k Native and 60 fps. I thought everyone said the consoles were going to be super duper powerful 2 years ago?

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Doesn't look much different to TLOU Part 2 on the PS4.....What happened to the other 8.44 TFLOPS...?

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Don't be fooled it's CGI the in game graphics will look nothing like that. Companies do this ALL time.

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Agreed I'm tired of games being held back from the previous generation and their horrible Jaguar CORES.

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Same I agree with everything you said here furthermore I HATE the fact it's cross gen. Like why ruin the potential design of the game by dragging it down to LAST Gen consoles.

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What do you think of Sonic Omens? Have you played that one?

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It might effect the limit of the animations and expressiveness of the characters which tend to be more CPU dependant. Those Jaguar cores on the PS4 are truly horrible....

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EEEWWW Cross Gen 🤮🤮🤮

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I was talking in terms of graphical fidelity not frame-rate or resolution. Stuff like lighting, textures geometry I just don't see a big difference between PS4 and PS5 games.

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This shows just how little of a difference the PS5 is over the PS4 graphically I'm starting to think the PS5 really isn't all that powerful at all as no games look massively better than PS4 games.

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Who was your favourite voice actor as sonic?

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Don't buy it guys money talks....remember YOU the consumer holds the power.

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