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I loved Heavenly Sword. Probably one of my favorite games that year, but it was more about graphics and storyline, than it was about quick controls. Devil May Cry is all about quick controls and that is just something that Ninja Theory has not proven that they can do.

I WAS excited about this game, but now it's gone down a notch. Probably still going to get it though when it drops in price in a month like Enslaved did.

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Bionic Commando was one of my favorite games in the NES days and ReArmed is one of my favorites on the PS3. You guys need more skill if you can't play this.

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Aside from the games sucking, the thing about gaming with the Iphone is that it will drain the battery from your phone and you would not be able to make calls anymore.

You will be viewing the web, listening to music, and playing sorry games and won't be able to make calls for the second half of the day.

..and if the games were actually good, then this would be an even greater problem, unless you want to carry a charger with you everywhere you go.

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Just because the PS3 will have a 10 year life span doesn't mean that a newer Sony console isn't going to come out before the 10 years is up. It just means that Sony is going to support the PS3 for 10 years as it did the PS2.

They don't want to do what Microsoft did to the Xbox and just totally halt support for their console.

I bought the Xbox 3 years into it's lifespan only to hear that it will not be supported the next year. I was pissed! Developers are STILL m...

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But a good game is a good game. Bring it on, Capcom. DMC collection 1-3 and Onimusha collection 1-4. Resident evil and dinocrisis too, i suppose.

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Heavenly Sword is one of my favorite PS3 games to date. Everything about it was top notch, if you can get over the long loading screen.

I read many reviews that docked points for the poor use of the sixaxis motion controls in this game, but I thought the motion controls were PERFECT. I loved shooting arrows with Kai and using the sixaxis to do headshots and crotchshots. Unbelievable fun! These reviewers need to be better gamers sometimes and learn how to control the game before...

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Man, I used to have all the Madballs. I even remeber the commercial:

"Madballs! Madballs! Gross for one, gross for all!
We play with a MADBALL!"

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I know that these are playable on the PSP, but you think they are playable on the PS3? Anyone know?

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Forza is more arcady and kiddy so that grandma can play it. They developers said this themselves.

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I've never liked Tower Defense type games either until I play Pixeljunk Monsters. That game is just awesome!

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It's going to be sick! I never liked the Metroid Prime games, but I LOOOOOVED all of the 2D Metroids.

I have high hopes for this one.

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Even if they never improve that graphics from what we've seen of the video, I will still get this game. That is how much i loved ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

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Capcom is KING. Everyone else just shut your trap.

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Capcom always seems to make some of the best looking games each generation. They never cease to amaze me.

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I love the fact that PS1 games still look very good on the PSP screen. I would go as far as saying they still look better than most DS games.

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Final Fantasy Versus will finally have it's new name revealed soon and it's new name will be Kingdom Hearts 3! Noctis and Stella are just 2 new characters within the game. Kingdom Hearts 3 will then, still be Playstation 3 exclusives. Fanboys rejoice!

Just a stupid thought, but you never know. :)

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The game looks beautiful, but the ultra short levels are turning me off from it. I hope it ends up being great, but watch some of the gameplay trailers and there seems to not be much depth to it. The levels are look to be about 2 screens wide.

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Why not play Wii games on my computer screen? It's 50 inches.

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They've had plenty of time to emulate the Wii. The Wii hardware has been out for 2 generations now. It was first called a Gamecube.

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Haha. I've never realized that all of the Ratchet and Clank titles have something to do the buttocks area. How funny.

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